BBQ with our neighbours couple of weeks ago...grillausta naapureiden kanssa pari viikkoa sitten...

meat from Gourmet Egypt.

master of the fire, Jeffrey

master of the cooking, Elvien

sausages, chicken + bacon, paprika....nam!

Elvien, the queen of the house & cooking...

bread & wine...


We had yammy BBQ evening with our neighbours and of course I had camera with me...

Everything was soooo delicous...thanks guys!

Vietimme muutama viikko sitten naapureiden luona grilli-iltaa. Piti postata jo aikaisemmin mutta unohdin...

Ruoka oli herkullista! Ja sitä oli paljon! Kiitos!


  1. Onpa herkullisen nakoista. Ja tosi iso piha naapureillasi. Onko kaikilla tuollaiset pihat? :)

  2. That looks like a great evening indeed.
    Friends, good food, a sweet dog :)
    What more does one want? ;)

    I see you played a bit with your new toy?


  3. Heli; oli namia...Pihojen koot riippuu vahan missa kohtaa talo sijaitsee...Meilla on valtava piha eli paljon hukkatilaa mutta paljon raikasta ilmaa! :-)

    Nicole; nothing more is needed!
    I really like the new toy...but one need to be careful not to trick too much...(can you say like that? 'to trick')

  4. THe food looks absolutely delicious and Mazzel looks soooo cute!

  5. What's your new toy? Do tell.

    Looks like a lovely evening. The food looks delicious.

    And thanks for drinking the wine!


  6. Manisha; I'm glad you visited here! Come again! :)

    Scriber's; my FREE toy:


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