Harry's life in Sweden... Harry&kuinka pukeudutaan Cairosta muuton jälkeen...

You remember Harry? Now he has to wear these kind of clothes to survive in Stockholm, Sweden...

Muistatteko Harryn? Näin hänen täytyy nyt pukeutua Tukholmassa Cairon kesän jälkeen...

Yes Harry, you look very cute! Take care!


  1. What a cutie pie!

    Did you do your homework about White Space? I finally found my manual but am struggling with it.

  2. scriber's...I guess you mean white balance?
    yes, I did...If you need help, let me know!

  3. blogSite: Yes that is what I meant. I am now carrying around my manual with me everywhere. I tried to read about it. I guess I'll try it this weekend. I feel bad that I haven't turned my homework in!

  4. Oih mikä ihana ilme pikkuisella! Sulattaa paatuneimmankin sydämen :)

  5. scriber's; you DO have funny (positive) way to spell/write...you wait&I'll say something similar on your site... :-)

    elegia; varmaan sulattaa - mutta SINUN sydamesi ei ainakaan ole paatunut...take care!

  6. oo, maashaaAllaah what a cutie really..

    Now, this is the thing that I'm NOT MISSING from Finland!! The winter clothes I mean.
    Gosh, think you have spent one hour(not kidding) clothing the children and you are sweatting and finally outdoor, about to step into car.. Then you smell something..NNOOOOO.. in the diapers... AND YOU GO IN TAKE ALL THE CLOTHES AWAY AND DO THE SAME JOB AGAIN. Numerous times I was crying.. sometimes gave up completely.. Hi guys, let's stay at home instead..

    So the kids miss snow and ice but I do not!!


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