Cairo's morning... Kairon aamua...

It's so cold in the morning that I wear my Nordic Walking gloves
when taking photos...

Aamulla on niin viileää, että käytän sauvakävelyhanskoja lämpiksi...
ei, en aio kaivaa tumppuja tai käsineitä esille! :-)

at 6:43 am

at 6:54 am

at 7:23 am

and what is this? slimy slices...
limanuljaska leikkelesiivuja...
I put the slimies on the paper - after that you can eat them...
the slices! not the paper!

Laitan limanuljaskat talouspaperin väliin ja taputan hellästi...
sitten vaan leivän päälle!
siis lihasiivut, ei paperia!
yes, pressed and slimy!
kyllä, on puristettuja sekä limaisia!

and here it's 10:17 am...
Oh, Sun, what would life be without you?!
(no life, I know)
Oi, Aurinko, mitä elämä olisikaan ilman Sinua?!
(tiedän, ei olisi elämää)

ps. it's +25 at 1:20 pm


  1. What beautiful skies!!!! and what lovely slimy slices!!!! : D

  2. Lovely shots!
    I haven't seen a sunrise in ages!
    Still cold here, but I don't need gloves no more :)

  3. I commented here earlier but something must have gone wrong, in trying to post. All I was trying to say, is that the sunrises are wonderful...and even the slimy beef is beautiful!

  4. Those skies are beautiful! I don't blame you for wearing gloves. It's no fun taking shots with frozen fingers!

  5. mytho; both comments here! I can't eat the slimy beef if not dryed it first! But taste is ok...

    Nicole; did you get? Rays of sun! :-)

    Momisodes; nice to see you! No frozen fingers!
    This morning it was +16...


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