Glenelg, Adelaide, Australia...

NOT a shark - delfin! :-)

more pics here lisää kuvia täällä



  1. I remember seeing Dolphins in Bahrain.
    I love them!

  2. of course, dolphin...
    in Finnish you say 'DELFIINI' so delfin is sort of mixture...but hope the pic tells more than my funny english... :-)

  3. Nah, no worries.
    I'm not here to correct anyone.
    We say Delfin in German too :)
    (I'm not even sure right now about the spelling there, dooh)

    I remember quite a few funny coincidences when hubby and I argued over some words and their use :)
    Or when he teases me for using something wrong ;)

  4. yep, let's not worry! :-)
    normal mistakes are different. this was a "flow mistake"...when you're in your own peaceful world words just come out...and you forget to check or just don't notice...
    I make real mistakes far too often...so what? Not so dangerous! and we can always ask if something is not clear...


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