Creative Cooperation from Two Distant Places : A Project by Dan's Myth and BLOGitse

Tomorrow's Pebble

Wading in the shallow
Along the river's edge,
My bare feet drag
Through pebbles, shells,
And drifts of green algae.

I wet my hair
With the swampy smell
Of things bigger than me,
And pick up a pebble
Smooth and round.

A little piece of matter
Fallen from the cliff above,
Its jagged edges gone,
And now but a marble
In my palm.

I wonder
What I will be,
When I fall,
Tomorrow's pebble
I suppose.


  1. I accidentally deleted my message on this, but it is a wonderful photo that speaks symbolically, the beauty of the pebble expressed in the visual poetry of the flower and the deeper meanings in either case...great! I will link back to this from my blog site momentarily!

  2. That's more than beautiful!

  3. That is simply excellent. You both are so gifted!

  4. This was our first teamwork experiment...I like the result too...

    Trying, learning new things -
    the salt of life...


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