guestion of the day: what is the object? + where am I taking this picture? päivän kysymys: mikä on kuvauskohde? + missä olen kuvaushetkellä?

and Nicole let others guess first...pleeeeeease! :-)

this time not food...or maybe eye food...

toivon että Nicole antaisi muiden vastata ensin koska hän
on arvannut aikaisemmat kuvat ensimmäisenä...

kyseessä ei ole ruoka...tai ehkä silmänruoka...


  1. OK, so we can rule out pizza and kiwis....it looks like light at the end of the tunnel...its a sunset taken into infinity somehow...its looking throuh a transparency into a cardboard box....I may have to cheat and ask Nicole! (verification word is "devis" which I take to mean "divas in levis" ) : )

  2. Is this based on that aerial photo of sunset with wing of plane in the shot? Is it a picture of that picture that somehow includes the frame or border around it?....all that sorta appearing to go into infinity? I am losing my mind! : )

  3. This one is hard to guess. It looks like a hallway but I know it is not.

    I bet Nicole can guess:)

  4. I'm guessing it's a sunset.

    Or a screensaver.

    I have no idea.

  5. OK, Nicole...Blogitse won't tell us the answer, so out with it....what is this?

  6. It is either a scene from Beckett's The Cell, or a strange dream I had last night.

  7. Hi guys!
    Sunset from the aeroplane it was...

    All of you - well done & thanks!

    Next one - easy or more hints, promise!

    Here's terrible sandstorm again! I have to take some pics and post today...air is full of sand..
    I just heard this is going to last for 3 days! And it should rain too! NOT nice!
    But otherwise - good day!

    You - have a nice day too! :-)

    ps. Where's Nicole???


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