i did my first skywatching today... otin osaa ensimmäistä kertaa "taivaallekatsojiin"...

almost clear sky this morning at 7:07....+ 15 C

melkein kirkas taivas tänä aamuna... + 15 C

(ääkkösetkin löytyi!)

more skies around the globe...


  1. Beautiful photo for Sky Watch Friday

  2. Lovely! I like how you composed this. Makes me want to use it to write letters :)

    Happy Sky Watching!

  3. Be careful looking up in the sky like that, BLOGitse...I would hate for you to get a blob in the eye! : )

  4. Etje & Hilda; thanks and nice to meet you! :-)

    Scriber, Nicole - what should we do with Mytho? He's getting really wild! :)

  5. Me, wild? In the words of the famous cartoon figure, Jessica Rabbit: "I'm not really bad, I was just drawn that way!"

  6. Nice shot, but the post above is splendid.


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