i had a dream...money!!! näin unta...rahaa!!!

It started the other day on Scriber's blog...
we others were jealous - money flying in her back yard, from a tree...

and then

of course men want to be better + take everything serious -
Mytho wrote his story...do you believe him?

Nicole, BallerinaGirl...we all thought how could we have the same,
money flying around, just catch it!

I had a dream last night... woke up quickly, ran to the garden -
oh yeeees!
it wasn't a dream - it was true!
somebody's been washing money and it was drying in our garden!
oooh, lucky me!

okay guys, what you say about this? This is true, I can prove it!
You just tell stories but this pure money laundring! Look!

Kaikki alkoi Scribers'in blogijutusta...
me muut tulimme kateellisiksi - hänellä kasvaa takapihalla puu josta tippuu rahaa!

ja koska miehet yleensä haluaa vetää vielä paremmaksi
Mytho kirjoitti stoorin seteleiden lentelemisesta suoraan noukittavaksi...
Uskotteko hänen tarinansa todenperäisyyteen?

Minä näin yöllä unta... aamulla nousin nopsajalkaan ylös sängystä ja juoksin pihalle.
Apua, uni ei ollut unta vaan totisinta totta!
Joku oli pessyt rahojaan ja laittanut ne meidän narulle kuivumaan! Mikä onnentyttö!

Mitäs tästä sanotte kaverit? Tämä on totta jonka kuva todistaa!
Te muut kerrotte tarinoita mutta meillä on todistettavasti aitoja rahanpesun tuotteita!

Now I go shopping and later on you'll see what I found... see you!

Nyt tämä tyttö lähtee shoppailemaan, myöhemmin näette mitä löysin... heippa!

ps. this IS a true story! ps. tämä tarina on tosi!


  1. That's hilarious :D
    Awesome! :D
    And you just gave me the idea for the Scavenger Hunt - local currency :P
    Thanks :D

  2. I'm sorry, but this evidence would not be accepted in a court of law! I can see your fingerprints all over those clothes pins!!! : )

  3. Ha ha ha... Too funny! Spend it quickly before the person who washed it comes to collect it. And I want photos of your shopping:)

  4. can't wait to see what goodies you find...
    BG-still lost without money flying, growing, laundering, etc...:(

  5. Nicole; you're welcome! :)

    Mytho; can you prove that?

    Scriber; i didn't tell the whole story - there was much more than the picture shows...shhh! don't tell anybody!

    BG; how about if you check your bag? as you know our handbags are full of what ever kind of stuff...tell me if you found any extra surprise! :-)


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