look around and you see... katso ympärillesi ja näet...

crows are the kings of this tree...here's the blob king...
varikset ovat valloittaneet tämän puun omakseen...tässä kuningas itse...

this tree has a spooky sound when it's windy...wiuh, wiuh!
tästä puusta lähtee kummitusmainen humina kun tuulee...fiiiiiuh, fiiiiiuh!

a man with his donkey passing by the same tree...
mies aasineen ohittaa samaisen varisten puun...
no words needed... tähän ei sanoja tarvita...

originally yellow flower in our garden...
alkuperäinen kohde on keltainen kukka pihallamme...


  1. Blob king...hahaha! Didn't you take some shots not long ago of the crow's black blobs on the ground? Cool photos today! : )

  2. Argh, those birds are sometimes really annoying. In Luxor there was one who used to come knocking on our balcony window almost every morning around 6 AM.

  3. Very cool photos. It is your turn to do the money thing. Mine was a fantasy, Mythos was a reality. You decide what you want:)

  4. I love the King :)
    And that shot with the guy and donkey is awesome!
    Would make a perfect postcard or poster!

  5. beautiful shots...I love the last foto especially!
    hhhmmm, what can we plan? really money coming out of the sky and a biker's backpack? are they serious! hahaha!

  6. Mytho; you're right! You should see the garden now - again blobs here and there...better than in my eye! :)

    Johki; right! The little ones...sparrows wake me up every morning (if not motorbike/mosque...)we have too many of them and they are noisy!!!

    Nicole; we both have Kings...i like yours more!

    BG; come here on Saturday...


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