the original object for yesterday's posting... eilisen postauksen alkuperäinen kohde...

here it is, yesterday's original object:
the SHADOW of the metellic candlestick
(btw, do you call this a 'candelstick' in English?)

it's in the sunlight on white paper...


tässä on eilisen postauksen alkuperäinen kohde:
metallisen tuikkukynttilän alustan VARJO

aurinko paistaa ja alusta on valkoisen paperin päällä...


  1. WOW, that's awesome! Well done!

    Btw. do you know that there's a pop up window popping up every time one visits your Site?

  2. Hah! Nice! I was getting warm with my guesses...but not quite there! I just posted a small mystery on my site...most likely, it will not be a challenge for you!

  3. I guess I would call that a candlestick holder..: )

  4. I know the pop up thing...problem is: background is black + comments color is black...i just checked, impossible to read....

    This was interesting experiment. Defenitely not last time, it was such fun!

    'See' you!

  5. You can block pop ups, they're annoying. I have blocked them, makes your surfing much easier :)))

  6. Isn't this better? I did block pop ups!
    I changed the color because before black on black not possible to read...

    Is this working now? For me it did!

  7. I just posted a couple of hints re: small mystery.... : )

  8. I would have never guessed. Great picture!

  9. Scriber; have you made a mystery pic already?


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