right answer to my pic guestion on Saturday... oikea vastaus lauantain kuvakysymykseen...

the right answer is…ok, wait a sec...

We had a delicious evening in Semiramis InterContinental on Friday.
We stayed in the hotel almost 1,5 months when we moved to Cairo last year.

It’s been months we’ve been there last time but everytime we go there it’s like going home!

oikea vastaus on…pieni hetki vielä...

Vietimme maukkaan illan Semiramis InterContinentalissa perjantaina. Asuimme hotlassa melkein 1,5 kk kun vuosi sitten muutimme Kairoon.

Viimeisestä käynnistä on kuukausia mutta joka kerta käydessämme tuntuu kuin menisi kotiin!

REHAM was welcoming us…We had tasty PIZZAs in Pane Vino, Italian restaurant…

REHAM toivotti tervetulleeksi...Söimme ohutpohjaiset, rapeat, runsailla täytteillä päällystetyt herkkupizzat Pane Vinossa, Italialaisessa ravintolassa...

And there was a surprise for us – a CAKE!
That was so soft…not too sweet…just perfect!
Thank you!

Pizzojen jälkeen koimme yllätyksen kun talo tarjosi kakkua!

Thank you all! Kiitos kaikille!

After dinner we went to the lobby bar to have couple…
Mohamed, always friendly...

Sitten vielä aulabaariin parille...Aina ystävällinen Mohamed...


Waiters from the night club RITHMO were on duty here, and oooh,
I like their outfit! cooool!

Yökerho RITHMOn tarjoilijat peesasivat joukkoa, aaah,
katsokaa asukokonaisuutta!

We had similar boots – look!

Meillä oli melkein samanlaiset bootsit!

Some of the personnel had these badges...

Osalla henkilökuntaa oli tälläiset merkit rintapielissä...

Traffic when going, traffic when coming back...

Liikennettä mennessä, liikenennettä palatessa…

Do you know what it says in this ad? Something about jeans or pickpocketing?

Tiedätkö mitä tässä mainoksessa sanotaan? Jotain farkuista tai taskuvarkaista?

soon home... kohta kotona...

Oh, the right answer! PIZZA! Nicole - well done!

Ai, niin se oikea vastaus! PIZZA! Hyvä Nicole!


  1. Cool photos. I love learning about the different cities. Specially with the photos. I feel like I got a mini vacation. I posted something about Austin today. Hope you enjoy it:)

  2. I knew it :)
    I know a Pizza when I see one ;)

    I love the shots of the Pizza making :)

    That looks like a great place with great people.

  3. Haha...way to go Nicole!!! It must have been one of those "magic pizzas" that are quite popular in Cambodia...the ones that give you a buzz and make you see things funny! : )

  4. Scriber; photos are quick - people are busy today, sometimes pic tells it all...(or some of it) quicker than reading a long story...

    Nicole; so you really like pizza? We eat about once a month or so...But then it tastes goood! (when it's good)

    Mytho; ooh you mean those 'magic ones'..from mushrooms. I don't like mushrooms!
    No, it was just normal, good though...

    The magic is more like...I want to play, have fun...Photograph world seems so serious...


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