Sunday 'play time' - having fun with Paint.NET...Sunnuntain leikkituokio - hauskaa Paint.NETin kanssa...

Take one bad image (you don't have to worry if something strange/unexpected happens)...
start to play with it...test all kinds of functions...
Here are few versions...

Ota yksi huono kuva (ei tarvitse huolehtia jos kuvalle sattuu jotain outoa/odottamatonta)...
leiki sen kanssa...testaa erilaisia toimintoja...
Tässä muutamia tuotoksia...


  1. Cool - that looks like a load of fun!

  2. I have no idea how you are getting these images...but they are really cool!

  3. Really cool images. What software are you using?

  4. I love taking throw away images and just fooling with them! Time consuming, but loads of fun. I love these!

  5. Hi all!

    This time I was playing with Paint.NET free software.

    I got Photoshop but it takes time to learn how to use it...

    Those free ones are simple & quick to learn...

    Have a nice week everybody!

  6. Sorry. I should have read the title:) I've never heard of Paint.NET. Will have to play with it.

  7. Scriber; warning - when you start it's difficult to stop! So reserve a lot of time! :-)


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