busy, busy...I'm trying to be a good wife, cook, secretary etc. kiire, kiire ja kaikki tekemättä...millaista olisi olla vaihteeksi kunnon vaimo?

Morning was beautiful...but then started terrible wind....
We went shopping and there were terrible queues...

Now at home and I noticed all the undone things!
So, I'm going to activate myself to be like a good wife, cook, secretary etc.
That's going to be fun! :-)

Aamu oli kaunis mutta sitten alkoi hirvittävä tuuli...
Menimme kauppaan ja siellä oli järkyttävät jonot...

Nyt ollaan kotona ja huomaan kaiken tekemättömän!
Joten aion aktivoitua olemaan kuin kunnon vaimo, kokki, sihteeri jne.
Siitä tulee hauskaa! :-)

but before I go,
here's a question: what is this?

mutta ennen kuin menen,
tässä kysymys: mitä tämä on?

and now...

ja nyt...

ps. I'll be back about blogging next week...

Palaan bloggausaiheeseen ensi viikolla...


  1. Hey there,
    hope the wind doesn't turn into a dust storm.
    We had beautiful weather today and skipped shopping.
    I don't know how to be a good wife. I'm just me.
    When we are both at home, we both do "the job".
    If he works, I clean and cook most times. No stress regarding washing, laundry or such.
    Thank goodness ;)
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your time off :)
    I love the bird/palm shot. Beautiful lighting.
    And I think the pic in question is frozen spinach or broccoli.

  2. OK, go do good wife stuff, but then later tell me, is the green stuff, frozen broccoli? d.

  3. the flower is gorgeous!
    I would say that it is some sort of frozen veggie...

    sometimes it can be tough to be everything we want to be...and do everything we want to do!
    take it easy and complete each project fully!


  4. Nicole; sand storm, yes, we had it yesterday, the whole day!!!
    we do 'the job' together as well...you said it better: time off!
    you were right - spinach, good girl! :-)

    mythopolis; green stuff: spinach..sorry...

    BG; frozen spinach
    now, Sunday, i feel fine and full of ideas/energy - but we have to clean the whole house...that's argh! but after that...free again! :-)

  5. Love the flower photo. You are so talented!

    Spend some time playing this weekend too!


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