EDITED version of your WOrds & my IMAges = WO*IMA, nro 10

your WOrds about this image

Oh no, thanks to that damned wind our sidewalk again is full of dead leaves. Please go and clean it!
WOrds by Yaelian

Yes dear, you did a great job fixing the rake....but did you have to use my favorite neck tie?

I still say the walls do not need scraping again, and besides, that sound is giving me a toothache!

Make it last!
Wear it out!
Break it!
Fix it!
Make it do!
WOrds by mythopolis

Your rake is "full served". Let it rest in peace! If you need, I can send to you a new one.. and it will be made in Finnland :)
WOrds by Arjaanneli

And then I used my raketo eradicate every crumb of his presence in my life.And it felt good.
WOrds by Scriber's Web


ps. Next, nro 11, WO*IMA picture comes at the weekend...

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