give me your WOrds & i give you an IMAge = WO*IMA nro 10

give me your WOrds about this IMAge nro 10:

pls send your WOrds by Sunday 6 pm Cairo time, thanks!

ps. in English OR English + Finnish

ps ps. don't know what WO*IMA is? Check here previous WO*IMA posts...


  1. Oh no, thanks to that damned wind our sidewalk again is full of dead leaves. Please go and clean it!

  2. Yes dear, you did a great job fixing the rake....but did you have to use my favorite neck tie?

    I still say the walls do not need scraping again, and besides, that sound is giving me a toothache!

  3. Your rake is "full served". Let it rest in peace! If you need, I can send to you a new one.. and it will be made in Finnland :)

  4. And then I used my rake
    to eradicate every crumb
    of his presence in my life.
    And it felt good.

  5. Every crumb, Scriber? How crumby was he?!! : )

  6. Make it last!
    Wear it out!
    Break it!
    Fix it!
    Make it do!

    Word verification: "iness" or I -ness...a self absorption, one's identity, or the mere idea of existing?


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