how to pronounce PYYKKIPOIKA...argh! I didn't realize it's going to be this difficult..me and my great ideas...but MINÄ RAKASTAN SINUA!


that's the link where you can find much more than this:

"Y is like French U or German U-umlaut (Ü, i.e. U with two dots above it); this can cause some difficulties for English-speaking people, but you might try the following: prepare your mouth for pronouncing the i sound (as in "hit") but round your lips and breathe out"

"However, there are several difficulties if you try to learn Finnish and your native language is English, for example. Some vowel sounds, especially those denoted by “y” (corresponds to German “ü”) and “ö”, take some time to learn. The diphthongs such as “uo” (in e.g. “Suomi” ‘Finland’) might take even more time. Additional difficulties are caused by double consonants such as “kk”, which should be pronounced basically as prolonged consonants. The difference between single and double consonants is very often distinctive; e.g., laki and lakki are completely different words, in pronunciation and meaning. Similarly, the length of vowels is distinctive two, and a long vowel is (almost) always written by doubling the vowel letter, e.g. “aa”."

and here's the most important


SINUA = you


  1. Your language sounds sorts of complicated :D
    But I'm sure I would love it!

    And you started with some great words for your lessons!

  2. ooh, Nicole, Finnish is difficult BUT it's also very rich language. We can say things in many ways, different words meaning the same, just a nuance difference...

    We have also words that mean different depenging the context.

    for example: VOI
    it can be BUTTER
    VOI, ei! = OH, no!


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