Scavenger Hunt... now you! all my blogger friends! go to vote BLOGitse to be the first winner! Äänestäkää BLOGitse ensimmäiseen voittoon!

I promised to Nicole to do this...it took more time than I thought!
But here it is,
1st Scavenger Hunt on NicoleB Photography

Yes, you can vote BLOGitse to be the first winner! :-)

Olikin suuritöisempi homma kun luulin mutta tehty on.
Nyt kaikki äänestämään suomalainen BLOGitse voittoon!
Äänestyslista löytyy ko. sivun aivan loppupuolelta...
jos ongelmia, kertokaa!

Luovutan palkinnon edelleen kunhan keksin millä perusteella...
Tuleeko ehdotuksia?
Jos voitan, millaisen "kilpailun" teen jonka voittaja saisi
hop hop ehdotuksia, kiitos!

ps. this is fun! ps. tämä on hauskaa, ei ryppyotsaista kyynerpäätaistelua voitosta!


  1. Ha ha...great!!!! Loved it!!! I'm not sure it is up to the highly professional way I went about it, however! : ) It is posted on my mything links site...you can link from Lifesbone...: ) Great job BLOGitse!

  2. Way cool - just added you - should be there in latest 5 minutes :)

  3. Is there some thing to click on that enlarges these images? I wish I could see them up closer! : )

  4. mytho; click Picasa logo,
    right down corner - >
    click ALBUM - > wait a sec or two and Picasa opens the album to look...

  5. I was especially fond of the shot of the two birds!

    I've been stunned by how much I've enjoyed and been wOWEd by the photos everyone has presented.

  6. Nice job on the Photo Hunt! The orange moon is incredible

  7. I think my nocturnal nature is really showing in my preferences. I'm really loving the night sky shots I see on all of these, and I really love yours a LOT. Magnificent moon shot.

  8. Nice to meet you & thanks for comments Pamela, Kristi and Mojo!
    I'll visit your blogs later...see you!

    mytho; wasn't that more work than first thought? for me it was a surprise...

    Nicole; yeah, I was waiting and didn't know how long it would take...now done...huh...

  9. Those are some fabulous shots. I LOVE them:) You have nice hands too! I think one day, we should come out of the closet and post our self portraits. After we photoshop them of course!

    It was a lot more work than I thought it would be. But next time, I am prepared.


  10. Kävinpä minäkin sinua äänestämässä! Tsemppiä voittoon ,hienoja kuvia sulla onkin!

  11. Scriber; me, out of closet? NO WAY!
    All my female blogger friends would be faaar tooo jealous of my beauty...i'm tall and sexy...big..you know..small enough..you know... = perfect!
    Nobody likes perfect people.
    shh, don't tell anybody, just between us...

    Yaelian; hienoa, kiitos! Taytyykin kayda katsomassa mika tilanne on!


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