shoe show? no, but i show you few pairs...am i too practical? tell me!

They are talking about shoes...high heels...
Me - no. I'm too practical...or am I?

Why I'm wearing socks here? Because these are Indian, handmade.
Some inner part 'hurt' or they are too 'sharp & hard' - I wear cotton socks in them while
sitting here and writing to you...

Soon I can wear these like 'used = comfortable'....

I took this picture one morning some time ago...
First thing I do in the morning, I go out to check the weather
& I do 10 'good morning sun' greetings...
my own ritual to get fresh air when
it's still cool and air feels good...

yes, I wear crocs normally at home...soft and comfortable...
What kind of shoes you're wearing at home?
Show me! Leave a comment and I'll come and check! :-)


  1. The Indian shoes...or slippers are interesting...all the pattern design and stitch work. I wonder about the purpose of the little loop at the end of the toe..
    I virtually live in crocs except in bad weather or when I have serious work to do outside!

  2. Your Indian shoes are cool! I took the challenge - if you want you can admire my "chaussons" in my blog. =)

  3. I love the Indian shoes :)!
    And you've seen both the ones I wear,
    my Oma shoes, warm and comfy and nearly the same ones you have for outside :)

  4. beautiful colors! I like them but just can't stand when something is bothering inside my shoes! there are these really cute shoes that I want here but they have this thick thread sewn on tag under your heel! I know I would wear them once trying to ignore it and then never wear them again!

    I promise that I am getting to my shoe show...I just have been extremely busy these days!

    ps-I usually wear socks or flip flops (havianas here) around the house

  5. Love the Indian shoes. Not meant for comfort though:)

  6. Mytho; crocs rock!
    The loop - Scriber could know...

    Erbebe; can't wait! soon after one more cup of coffee... :-)

    Nicole; isn't it funny: when we're young we are ready to suffer with high heels etc. But now we're finally free!! That's great! We wear what we want!

    BG; I always 'soften' new shoes first at home, walking around...
    Waiting for your show!

    Scriber; they are getting better...I'll test them soon without socks...


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