what's wrong with her? normally sexy and ready to rock from early hours...

It's a beautiful morning but what's wrong with her?

"oooh, what a morning!"

"what's up honey?"

"i feel itchy..."


"and here..."

"our neighbour’s house..."

"was so dirty..."

"there are fleas all over me..."

"hey baby...that’s enough...you're clean now..."

"feeling better now my darling?"
"ooh, yes!"

One hour later She and He

ready to rock the new, sunny day!

ps. what kind of story did you expect? :)


  1. Well, women are sometimes referred to as "chicks" or "birds", but I have known one to have fleas! : )

  2. Yhtäkkii muakin rupes kummasti kutittaa... :)

  3. What lovely pictures! Upea kuvasarja.

  4. Och, that's cuteness :D!
    And yes, from the RSS feed reader I expected something else :D
    What lovely shots and a lovely idea :D!

  5. MYTHO; really? when was that?

    ARJAANNELI; vielako kutittaa? :)

    RITA; thanks! Seuraan tuon pariskunnan toimintaa aamuisin...ensi viikoksi tulee lisaa lintujen taidokkaasta toiminnasta!

    SCRIBER; more next week...

    NICOLE; hah! i thought so, some would expect totally different...like me half naked or our neighbour or...
    More about this couple next week!

  6. Ihania naapureita;minun täytyy tyytyä vähemmän mukaviin pulunaapureihin;-( Ihana kuvasarja, varsinkin tuo viimeinen kuva on mainio!


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