what's your favourite color baby - red! (I like also Living Color!)...* FULL MOON/TÄYSIKUU * vuorokauden väri on: punainen...

Red FULL MOON yesterday 11.3.2009 at 7:11 pm
(sorry, not very sharp but I wanted to get the color)

Punainen TÄYSIKUU eilen klo 19:11
(sori, kuva epäskarppi mutta halusin punaisen värin)

at 8:30 pm, not red anymore...
ei enaa punaisena, klo 20:30...
and this morning...

it was hazy, misty...
first almost red then warm yellow sun was like the moon yesterday evening...amazing!
taken 6:38

yes, there it is, little orange ball...taken 6:39

bye, bye orange sun...taken 6:41
It's still hazy, about 9 am...

Aamu oli utuinen, usvainen eikä aurinko millään meinannut päästä normaaliin kirkkauteensa vaan pakoili utuverhon takana...
ps. pakoilee edelleen, klo just vähän yli 9...


  1. the moon was beautiful last night. I was exercising on the beach and was just mesmerized by it!

  2. Views like that can really put one in a dreamy state of mind!


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