yesterday's drama and Saturday's rain...eilisen draamaa ja lauantain sadetta...

ooooh what a day was YESTERDAY!

In the morning my husband finally went to the hospital. He hurt his back last Saturday afternoon, after our weekly shopping...
We thought it was a muscle thing but yesterday the doctor said it’s intervertebral disk problem. He must stay in bed for one week + walking but no sitting at all! + some medicine.
This morning he is feeling better already. It’s going to be interesting to see how he can stay still until next Tuesday when he has an appointment at the hospital.

Okay. So that was how yesterday morning started...
In the afternoon 4 guys came to check all the AC’s as well as to clean all the filters etc.

I had to run here and there to look after the guys and advise NOT to spill all the water on floors.....They were in until 5-6 pm...

One hour after the AC guys came 3 guys to work in the garden.
I had to run out to tell them what work the garden need and then back in to check what was going on there...


At the end of the day when all the people had left, I checked how much I had walked. I have a calculator on my mobile phone.
5.7 km (3.5 miles) just walking around the house, up-down-in-out.... That’s my new record!
(before I went to sleep it was 5.9 km)

Boy I was so tired....but today I FEEL FINE! :)

Here are a few pics from last Saturday when it was raining – not very heavy but it’s always a small miracle when we get rain here...

I really don't like to drive next, behind or anywhere near these vehicles...
local kiosk...
every time you can see at least one broken car...that blue one was totally crashed in front...
our driver was all smily and happy because it was raining...

sorry mutta en jaksa kääntää suomeksi... jonkilaisen käsityksen saat jos käytät tuota googlen kääntäjää, sivun vasen yläreuna... ainakin lukeminen on hauskaa vaikka teksti olisikin täyttä siansaksaa...ei kun suomea :)


  1. Quite a day! I hope your husband has not "slipped a disc, as they say here...its called a herniated disc"....I had something like this two years ago and, in fact, it led to my retirement. Perhaps this is not his problem. In any case, rest is essential and great care in any kind of lifting!!! Hope he is well soon.

  2. Rain...wish we still could get some rain here too before the all too hot summer arrives..

    It must be very hard to stay still so long, hope your husband will feel better with his back.

    And phew, to have to keep on eye on all those AC and garden guys for such a long time;that is a hassle!

    Have a nice Wednesday!

  3. I am sorry to hear about your husband. I hope he feels better soon! I hope they gave him good medicine. And I can't believe how much you walked around in the house! Take it easy today:)

  4. What a busy day. I'm exhausted and breathless like I had a workout myself. Is your husband still staying "put." Did the car crash due to the rain? People aren't used to driving in the rain?

  5. MYTHO; 'a herniated disc' - I guess that's it! But we'll know more next Tue when my husband can ask more questions..the doctor didn't explain too much...

    YAELIAN; he's been very good so far! :)

    SCRIBER; medicine is good because he doesn't have that terrible pain anymore...

    GUTSYWRITER; 'put' yes, in bed, slowly walking around but not at all sitting...
    That blue car - I guess it was there before...rain doesn't last (normally) more than 10 mins...2 hrs after the rain you don't noticed that it's been raining!
    "People aren't used to driving in the rain?" NO!
    but in this case it wasn't rain.
    Normally it's speeding what couses the deaths and car crashes here....so sad...and stupid!

  6. Ouch what a day.
    I hope your hubby gets better soon!
    And yes, I remember the miracle of rain :)

  7. I hope your husband continues on his quick recovery.

    Japan's rainy season feels as though it lasts three months. They tell me it's shorter than that, but it sure feels that long.

    I'll try to appreciate the rain as much as your driver did.

  8. I hope your husband feels better soon!

  9. NICOLE; he's been good - no sitting, just in bed or walking...

    GALLERY JUANA; 3 months? no breaks? not nice...

    SUSA; he's better (good medicine + resting) and next Tue we'll know more...how to go on...


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