you give me WOrds and I give you an IMAge(s) = WO*IMA

your WOrds & my IMAge nro 14:

you have time till Sunday 6 pm Cairo time


  1. Britains got telent - it's me!

  2. Oh old faithful Teddy, been there all these years. Where I go ,you go there too!

  3. "Once I built a railroad...made it run....
    made it race against time...
    Once I built a railroad, now its done...
    Buddy, can you spare me a dime?"

    "Are my ears on straight?
    Is my nose in place?
    Do I have a cute expression
    on my face?
    Are my brown eyes bright?
    Do I look alright
    To be taken home on Christmas day?"

    "Once there was a little bear,
    And "Little Bear" was his name.
    He lived and played
    In a Little Bear house
    Down on Little Bear lane."


    "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.
    Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.
    Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very Fuzzy,
    Was he?"

    "Smokey the bear,
    Smokey the bear,
    Growling and a prowling
    and sniffing the air.
    He can smell a fire
    before it starts to flame.
    That's why they call him Smokey.
    That's how he got his name! "

    "Oh let me be,
    Oh let me be....
    your teddy bear! (Elvis)

    OK, I'll stop. (Did I happen to mention I love teddy bears? : )

  4. Söpö nalle. I just love that yellow teddy.

    Hauska kuono :)

  5. Näenkö väärin, vai onko sille tullu silmäpako?
    Tuota on näemmä rakastettu kovasti!

  6. I am the promise of faithful Love.
    Will always be there for you.
    I will listen and never say anything rude.
    Unconditional Love.

  7. Yes, I look very worn-out...
    …but you should see the adult that I had to educate...
    …love is rough in the early years and gets crazy later on…

  8. Heipsan! Poikkesin kylässä. Nallukat on ihania ja muutkin pehmolelut. Mulla on niitä vierassängyn päällystä pian täynnä. Jotenkin tunnen itteni vanhaksi- ihan tulee mummelit mieleen.


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