Helsinki calling! more pictures...

We had a dinner at Loiste in the heart of the city of Helsinki.
Here are some pics I took from the terrace.
It was a greay day... more pics from inside the restaurant coming later...
Helsinki railway station

the clock of the station is now under a 'fake clock', see the original just before they started the maintenance work...


"The Lasipalatsi Film and Media Centre is a building owned by the City of Helsinki and maintained by the Lasipalatsi Media Centre Ltd.
Its pulse beats in the very heart of Helsinki, making the spirit of openness and modernity that its creators strove for already in the 1930’s come alive."

and the old bus station (buses are now under ground)

More info, pictures and videos from Helsinki here.


  1. Great shots overlooking the city! Thanks. What are the popular things on the menu in the restaurants there?

  2. Haa, oot kuvannu mun entisen työpaikan!

  3. Vau! Hienoja kuvia Helsingistä olet saanut otettua.Loiste näkyy olevan loistava kuvauspaikka...

  4. What a beautiful city! I am so envious:) Hope you are having a great time!

  5. Looks like you are having a great time & well deserved :)
    Keep having fun!

  6. Haah, tervetuloa helsinkiin (vähän myöhäinen toivotus)! Ja ajatellas, että sinä tulet sieltä kaukaa ja silti ehdit ennen minua ottaa ne ihmiskuvat keskustasta ;) Itse en ole jaksanut siellä päin käydä vielä kameran kanssa.

    Ja mitäs sitä menemäänkään, kun sinä hoidat sen puolen! Kiva katsella Helsinki-kuviasi :)

    Sorry not answering your comments but I've been very busy last couple of days...
    I'll be back tomorrow, Sunday! Gotta go again! :)


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