you give me WOrds and I give you an IMAge(s) = WO*IMA

your WOrds & my IMAge nro 16:

you have time till Sunday 6 pm Cairo time

ps. I'm leaving today - next couple of weeks I'll blogg from Helsinki, Finland, see you!




  1. OMG, the pyramids have turned purple!! Mmm, like them better this way...

    Hyvää Hesan reissua!

  2. Ihanaa Suomen matkaa sinulle...
    toivon että nautit, tapaat ihania ihmisiä...
    halaukset sinulle!!!

  3. What a nice colour:)

    Lucky woman...bye bye- for sure you have great time in Finland!

  4. What a nice colour;)

    Lucky woman- bye bye...for sure you have great time in Finland!

  5. Somebody told a " dirty joke" and it blushed...
    Or there was raining beetroot`s from the sky...?
    Or you have tip over your`redvine into the camera...
    I think, that last one is correct, because it was May Day.

  6. Its enough to make a pyramid blush!

  7. Have a good trip :)

    I love the pink pyramid. Its trippingggggggg

  8. Have a safe trip!
    Looking forward to see pics from Finland :)


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