you give me WOrds and I give you an IMAge(s) = WO*IMA

your WOrds & my IMAge nro 19:

you have time till Sunday 6 pm Cairo time


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there are many, many 'carpet schools' with shops around Cairo...

I made a short video from 'the school'...


  1. Ainahan sitä voi tinkiä...;-) Kiva video,kyllä teki nuori Muhammed tarkkaa tarkkaa työtä!

  2. OOh, lucky me! Today I found just the fabrics I need to make a new pair of pants!

    Umm, excuse me sir, but do you have the kind that fly?

    Do you have anything larger? Maybe big enough to wrap up a body?

  3. Beautiful!
    Have a happy Friday!

  4. autch! couple of hours ago i realized it's Friday today, not Saturday when I suppose to post WO*IMA - what's wrong with me??! :)

    Vasta pari tuntia sitten tajusin etta tanaan on perjantai eika lauantai jolloin WO*IMA pitaisi postittaa - mika mua vaivaa??! :)

    YAELIAN; ja pyysi rahaa siina yhdessa kohtaa...Lapsityovoimaa melkein ilman palkkaa, havytonta!

    MYTHO; :)

    NICOLE; funny - i came to say happy Friday but didn't realize it is Friday NOT Saturday...autch!


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