a candy tram and a historical theather... karkkiratikka ja historiallinen teatteri...

I've been walking a lot and my camera is always with me!
This tram is advertising Marianne candies...

Olen kävellyt tosi paljon ja kamera aina mukana. Tässä karkkiratikka....

From theater's web site:

In the early decades of the 1800s, theatre troupes from Sweden, Estonia and Russia and also from Italy and Germany visited Helsinki. But this changed when Nikolai Adlerberg became the Governor General of Finland and established a Russian Theatre with a grant he organised from the Tsar’s funds.

Construction began in April 1876 and was completed in 1879. Originally the Alexander Theatre was to serve the local Russian garrison. The bricks for the decorative building were transported all the way from Åland. The National Theatre and Opera companies moved to the building in 1918 and the National Opera remained on the premises until 1993, when they moved to the new Opera House on the Toolo bay. For this reason, Alexander Theatre, the Old Opera House, is an important part of Finnish cultural history.”

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  1. Onpa kivan näköinen tuo Marianne-ratikka! Ja tuolla Aleksanterinteatterissa tanssi aikoinaan äitini ennen kuin olin olemassa....

  2. I love the colourful tram :)
    And the building in the second shot is beautiful!

  3. YAELIAN; oliko aitisi tanssija? kerro lisaa!

    NICOLE; we need old, historical buildings! They are beautiful and full of energy from the past...


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