EDITED version of your WOrds & my IMAges = WO*IMA, nro 39

your WOrds about this IMAge:

I prefer bananas, said Snow White.

You are the apple of my eye....

Oh my God! I got comedos on my skin!..scream the apple!!

If you want to make an apple from scratch, you must first create the universe. - Carl Sagan

Oh, golden and delicious, just waiting to be bitten!

* * *

Thank you all!
WO*IMA again on Saturday...


  1. Kiva idea tämä WO*IMA :) Jospa hämäläinenkin ehtisi ensi kerralla mukaan...

  2. What a nightmare - our internet connection has been down the whole day. I got my husband's usb but that's not very good...I hope the problem will be solved sooooon!

    Thanks! I'll be back as soon as I get my internet working again!


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