what's your favourite colour?

We need colour in our lives! And music!
What is the best band mixing these together?!
G  R
We saw them on stage in Byron Bay, Australia 31.12.1997 - what a night that was! I love Byron Bay!!! And this band!!!

Living Colour perfoms Cult of Personality, Desperate People and Love Rears Its Ugly Head at World Cafe Live. 
From the On Stage at World Cafe Live DVD recorded in Philadelphia, PA December 2005!

Living Colour - On Stage at

World Cafe Live
from Living Colour on Vimeo.
Here you find their official site and here tour dates.

Did you know I like this kind of music? :)


  1. I thot guitar licks were really cool, both lead and bass guitars....rock on!

  2. I never go to live concerts because i'm a stick in the mud. But this one looks like it would have been fun. :)

  3. Well..I am sure that in live consert I like this music, but I would not neseccery buy the record...

    And about the colour:
    I think that black IS beautiful :)

  4. Must have been a very good concert experience.I use a lot of black in my clothes, but I like different shades of blue and sometimes red too....

  5. Living Colour is a good choice. Time´s Up was a brilliant album. Stain was too heavy for me but Nothingness was still good. Then I lost track of them but I bet Corey can still sing and Vernon will bend guitars around railroad tracks.

  6. MYTHO
    this band's music I (we) play when we need energy!
    And they know how to play! YES!

    hahah, stick in the mud! We've been once in Pori, Finland, listening this band literally in the mud!!!...oooh, a zillion yrs ago.

    I guess we have all their records. This group is cooool!
    Black IS beautiful! with a drop of bright orange, blue etc.

    This band is so neat! They know how to play!
    Black is black. :)

    Wow, I don't know their names! nor names of the songs BUT when I hear them I know...I have to check those albums...
    I'm bad with names. But when I hear good music, voila!


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