you give me WOrds and I give you an IMAge(s) = WO*IMA #44 Come on, this is fun!

Don’t know what WO*IMA is about? Every Saturday I give you a picture. You give me your WOrds, thoughts, however the IMAge inspires you by leaving a comment. On Sunday (sometimes on Monday) I’ll publish your words WITH YOUR LINK
You can check previous WO*IMA posts to get the idea. Have fun!

as usual you have time till Sunday 6 pm Cairo time 

your WOrds and my IMAge #44:

kuten ennenkin aikaa on sunnuntaihin asti klo 18 Kairon aikaa
Et tiedä mistä WO*IMAssa on kysymys? Joka lauantai postaan kuvan johon toivon teiltä sanoja, mietteitä, mitä kuva mielikuvissanne herättää. Sunnuntaina (joskus vasta maanantaina) julkaisen sanat KIRJOITTAJAN LINKIN KERA
Voit tutkailla aiempia WO*IMA postauksia päästäksesi jyvälle. Huom! sanat tulee kirjoittaa englanniksi TAI englanniksi ja suomeksi. EI vain suomeksi. Täällä ei kiinnitetä huomiota kielioppiin tai kirjoitusvirheisiin. Tule rohkeasti mukaan!


  1. The wheels are in motion.
    Pyörät pyörivät. Homma on hoidossa.

  2. My boss told me today that I was going to be canned!!

    If I could choose what kind of can I'd like to be, I would want to be a can can girl!!!

    Can ooh come out tonight?

  3. At the end of the rainbow I found a pot of gold.
    It was empty, but the pot itself worth a fortune.

  4. Do I need to wash??? Reminds me the cups used in old Turkish baths..

  5. -Huhuu...anyone home?
    Well, I must try...
    "Magig Mirror, Who is the fairest one of all?"
    - Are you talking to me?
    -Wow! Yes I am. Did you hear what I just asked?
    -Yes ofcourse, but I happend to be an pickle can, and I wonder WHO has eaten all my pickles??
    -Uuups...sorry, but Myrttinen`s garlicpickles are the best in the whole world..
    -Yes they are, but these one was BLOGitse`s!
    Now you must be punished as an horrible way!I will disquise you as an old hag!Just enjoy your swallen eye bag´s...PUFFF....

  6. I hope i'm not too late. The glass was neither half full nor half empty. It was a can. :p

    BTW, on Real Posts - dig in wherever your curiosity takes you. I started with the countries i knew and went from there. Have fun! :)


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