Hello world! It's world AIDS day today...

Support World AIDS Day


  1. It is so important, that whole world remember!
    And also give help to those who have this desease.

    When I was nurse in Central military hospital in Helsinki, it was one of my dutyes to "teach" and give information of sexually transmitted diseases.
    What becames in AIDS, it seems to be so hard to understant, that you can get HIV as "easy" than other venereal disease if you dont beware.
    I am speaking now teaching those young soldiers...
    It is like playing Russian roulette if you dont use protective!
    Too many of those young ones think, that THEY coud not get that disease...

  2. Some 2 million died of AIDS last year. Even scarier is the number of people who have AIDS, but don't know it, and are sexually active with multiple partners.

  3. Good work, Arjaanneli! Education is the key .

  4. And let us not forget the children... who die of Aids each and every day and cannot speak for them selves.

    you nailed it!

    People out there: Use condom!

    there're people who think they're immortal and nothing bad will happen...
    That's why we need days like this to remind people about the reality.

    yes, education rocks!

    you're so right. Innocent and helpless...


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