we're celebrating a special WO*IMA #46 this weekend!

This is a special WO*IMA #46!

We're celebrating
Finland's 92nd Independence Day
on Sunday 6.12.2009!

We celebrate here two days! starting NOW!

If you want to read more go to Wikipedia or Helsinkitimes
"Linnan juhlat (the party at the castle) provides ample opportunity for star watching, with some of Finland’s biggest names gathering for one of the most important events on the annual social calendar."
Here you find last year's party queens :)

you give me WOrds and I give you an IMAge = WO*IMA #46:

This flag pole with a stone stand was given to me by my father when it was 
Finland's 60th Independence Day - 
1977! wow, how time flies! :)

This week you have time till 10 pm on Sunday 6.12.09 

Tällä viikolla aikaa on sunnuntaihin klo 22 asti

Don’t know what WO*IMA is about?
Every Saturday I give you an IMAge.
You give me your WOrds, thoughts, however the IMAge inspires you by  
leaving a comment.
On Sunday (sometimes on Monday) I’ll publish

* * * Have fun!* * *

Et tiedä mistä WO*IMAssa on kysymys? 
Joka lauantai postaan kuvan (IMAge) johon toivon teiltä sanoja (WOrds), mietteitä, mitä kuva mielikuvissanne herättää. 
Sunnuntaina (joskus vasta maanantaina) julkaisen sanat KIRJOITTAJAN LINKIN KERA. 
Tsekkaa täältä viime viikon kuva 
ja täältä valmis WO*IMA postaus sanojen sekä linkkien kera.
Huom! sanat tulee kirjoittaa englanniksi TAI englanniksi ja suomeksi. EI vain suomeksi. 

Täällä ei kiinnitetä huomiota kielioppiin tai kirjoitusvirheisiin. Muutama sanakin riittää jos kieli ei syysta tai toisesta taivu! :) 
Tule rohkeasti mukaan!


  1. White snow, white clouds.
    Blue lakes, blue sky.

    Just like the finnish flag.

    This is how I want to remember my birth country.

  2. Just stopping by to say Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest. Beautiful flag, by the way.:)

  3. White and blue,so I remember you...Happy Independence day Finland:-)

  4. this is a beautiful flag. I like its accompanying shadow too.

  5. It was a really hard to keep that flag in blue and white!
    More than 87 877 peoples died because of those colours!
    Otherwise those colours would propably be red and yellow...

    My respect to all those men and women, who made this happend:
    We can celebrate our indepence!

  6. Happy Independence Day!

    Our land, our land, our fatherland,
    Sound loud, O name of worth!
    No mount that meets the heaven's band,
    No hidden vale, no wavewashed strand,
    Is loved, as is our native North,
    Our own forefathers' earth.

  7. Flags fly proud today no matter how tall the pole is.

  8. What a pretty picture. I am so excited for you. Hope your celebration is fantastic! Stopping over from SITS this morning!


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