'server error'

I'm not the only one who has a problem uploading photos.
But it seems impossible to get help...
Blogger in Draft has changed the picture upload system and now I can't upload any pics from my computer - it says 'server error' - nothing wrong with my computer(s) or connection (tested several times)...

Anybody else having this problem? 


  1. I just noticed ID? (insted of B as blogger) next to the title 'server error' (in Blogger control panel) - where does that come from? what does it mean?
    It would be great if users would know what's going on...

  2. Mutta sun ei tarvitse olla siellä blogger in draftissa.Voit siirtyä sieltä pois tavalliseen blogger hallintapaneeliin ja sitä kautta sitten ehkä saada kuvat ladattua.Minä kyllä sain ne ihan hyvin myös blogger in draftin kautta ladattua.

  3. This happened to me yesterday. I had success uploading the image on the 2nd try.

  4. id = in draft but how about b as blogger > bid...oh boy...

    en ala muuttamaan jo tehtyja sivuja ym. Ongelma on googlen servereissa, ei minun yhteyksissa tai koneissani...

    I'm not alone with this problem - that helps BUT it's really, really bad service (service?) what you get (or not) from google (blogger)...
    Should I change to WP? I don't know...
    I like blogger...

  5. Sorry, can't be of any help, not proceeding via the Draft. I may have a try and see how it works. It seems difficult to get answers, I have asked questions on the forum and never got any good answer ... and you can't contact the creators of the system directly I believe. Frustrating indeed!

  6. Perhaps using a different web browser? Chrome, firefox, or Opera?

    Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

    Comfort Spiral


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