The Step Pyramid of King Djoser at Saqqara (Sakkara), Egypt

This is the end of my 'tourist pictures' from Egypt. :)
I'm not a historian nor an Egyptologist so it's better you read more info here: Wikipedia 
There's a massive renovation going on in Saqqara
Explore the Pyramids by National Geographic
The British Museum:
"The tomb of King Djoser (2630-2611 BC) at Saqqara, known as the Step Pyramid, was the first Egyptian pyramid tomb, and the earliest stone building of its size in the world. It was also the first royal tomb to receive some form of decoration."

Tour Egypt:
"Below ground, the Egyptians created an underground structure on a scale previously unknown, quarrying out more than 5.7 kilometers (about 3 1/2 miles) of shafts, tunnels, chambers, galleries and magazines. A central corridor and two parallel ones extend over 365 meters (1,198 feet),  connecting 400 rooms. These and other subterranean features surround one of the most complicated tangles of tunnels and shafts the Egyptians ever created, below the pyramid itself."


  1. Kiitos upeista kuvista, joita katsoo nyt ihan eri silmällä, kun on nähnyt tuon paikan.

  2. Glad your problems with Blogger are sorted and you are up and running again.

    It's not often one sees the dilapidated side of pyramids - and that's interesting.

    The people in the photos give a mind-astounding sense of scale.


  3. Paljon oot siellä aikaan saanu, vaikket niin kauan ole vielä ollut;)

  4. Now it's time for you to leave these monuments. It's fantastic to see what you will find in Morocco, surely you'll show us all the nice places and much more. We are waiting but take your time ^^.

  5. Tuleekohan sun ikävä näitä?

  6. It is just always so astounding to consider the pyramids and the human effort that was involved in building such things!!

  7. >>ALLU
    Edellisella kaynnillamme ei noita rakennustelineita ollut eli 'suojelutyo' on alkanut ihan viime aikoina...
    Pieneksi ihminen tuollakin itsensa tuntee vaikka onkin pienempi kuin Gizan pyramidit...

    I'm happy I got help and the issue was taken seriously.
    They are really trying to save that pyramid...
    We humans are so small in this universe! :)

    No hei pitkasta aikaa!
    Mina olen ajoittain varsinainen duracell mutta sitten menee aikoja ihan tasaiseen, rauhalliseen tahtiin... :)
    Stressia tai loppuunpalamista ei tama nainen suostu kokemaan. Sen verran on ian myota tullut itserakkautta, sellaista positiivista, ettei suostu enaa mihin tahansa.

    You're right. I've seen enough of these! and it's time to move on! :)

    Just aamulla kun tuolla pihalla auringossa istuin ja mietin, etta kylla vahan tulee haikea olo vaikka olen ihan 'valmis'. Onhan taalla ollut meidan koti 2 vuotta ja kotia ei voita mikaan! Olen sellainen sosiaalinen erakko etta kodin pitaa olla kotimainen ja mieluinen pesa!
    Katsotaan mita on edessa seuraavaksi...En odota mitaan ettei tule pettymyksia...

    and how clever they were in those days!

  8. What fabulous shots. Egypt, what a cool experience. Brick by tiny brick. These monuments have patiently and silently withstood and witnessed a great deal.

  9. Wow! Breathtakingly beautiful! I came in from Cloudia's blog. Glad to discover Egypt through your eyes.

  10. Hi Blogitse! This one I haven't seen... ;)

    Mexico waits for you at Blogtrotter 2. Have a great weekend!!

  11. These are beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!!

  12. WOW...simply amazing! It's as if you're cleaning out the closets of your life in Egypt and sharing with us. Thank you!

    if those bricks could talk...

    Nice to meet you! Aloha! :)

    you're a very busy man traveling all over the globe! :)

    thank you!

    >>MELISSA B.
    Well said! Exactly what I'm doing! :)

  14. They look def. well worth a vsit too.
    I doubt I'll make it though.
    Still too much else on my list :S


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