EDITED version: your WOrds and my IMAges = WO*IMA #62

your WOrds of this IMAge #62:
Born to be wiiiiiiiiiiiiild!

I want this!!!

When I am too old to drive my car, 
because I can't see nor hear, 
I'll buy a motobike and drive like all others do 
here in Italy!

I'll take mine in red :)
Can it be delivered to Key West?!

Get your motor running
head out on the highway!!!

No, I need power!

I'm too sexy for your car!

"Hop On!"

Thank you all!

WO*IMA again next weekend...
Have a great week ahead!

ps. if you're interested I have more Casa photos on my photoblog here


  1. Hi Blogitse!! So, preparing for the lovely Casa traffic; it can't be worse than Cairo... ;))
    Long time no read you at Blogtrotter. Look forward to...
    Have a great week!

    PS: Do you know already the flight schedule of TAP CASA-LIS-Casa? Just a bit over one hour...;))

  2. I do like Motobecanes and Mopeds, and Vespas. And I am jealous oF everyone that has one and I DON'T!!!!!!

  3. >>TROTTER
    That's the way to do it > come and tell me to visit!
    My blogging time is limited and I have too many blogs to follow...it's good you reminded me! Thanks!
    ps. do you know that there's a flight connection from LISBON to CASA about one hour? :)
    (we need to move out of the hotel before we start traveling...)

    I'm planning to buy a bike...or Vespa...but I want to get around quicker than walking...


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