espresso s'il vous plait...

Casa is full of coffee shops/cafes/cafeterias/terraces... to have a cup of espresso!
Look at the size of that sugar cube!

Here they insert a coffee capsule into the coffee machine.
Used capsules are automatically ejected into a removable storage drawer each time a new one is inserted so your hands never get wet or dirty when brewing.

          Yesterday I asked you what's this top class...

First I thought I got milk/cream with my esprosso but soon realized it was a packet of fine sugar!
It's a very small packet - each side about 3 cm (1.2 inch).


My internet connection has been really bad today.
I couldn't access on Blogger/Google account this afternoon at all.

Tonight we're going to visit our home!
 If everything is okay we'll move out from the hotel at the weekend...


  1. The amount of sugar was a surprise to me when I was in Morocco. Many, many huge cubes into a tiny glass of mint tea!

    Hope your home is OK and you're able to move in!

  2. Hope your new home is ready! How exciting!
    That is a good sized sugar for me ;)... maybe we can have coffee some day together :)


  3. They love their hot drinks sugary, that's for sure. With coffee you'll get the sugar aside, like shown on the photo. BUT their most popular drink: the menth tea, will be served sweetened already. There were many times I couldn't even finish half of a cup, it was just too much - so sweet, it felt like drinking a syrup, no kidding!

    Solution? I'm ordering my menth-tea with 'less sugar please'. It took me a while to remember this extra request when ordering tea:)

  4. You must be itching to move in and settle down.

  5. I get the feeling you like Morocco, and Morocco likes you!

  6. Hi everyone!
    We visited our home today - still work to be done.
    An estate agent, woman, is very unpleasant person. Sorry but I need to get this out...
    I don't want to see her face any more. I guess she doesn't like our relaxed, 'normal' behaving attitude (we should act cold, dress like Parisians wearing brands and show off that 'we are something', more than ordinary people then we would get proper service???). Argh!
    She comes late but never says she's sorry. She doesn't look into your eyes when saying hi and her hand shake is wet. Her whole attitude is wet. But oh, how she's trying to show us that she's above us...She really knows how to make me feel bad and frustrated. Oh, she's good.

    Communication with some people is very difficult here. No, it's not that I don't speak French or Arabic.
    Some people just do not say nothing. They just disappear saying nothing and we don't know if something is happening or not.
    This has happened several times in couple of weeks.
    What's wrong with those people?

    But then there are nice, 'normal', people who are trying to help and we can manage even if we their English is not that good and our French is still only couple of words.

    My mobile credit finished today.
    Even if the guy in a kiosk doesn't speak English we have the connection and perfectly understand each others.

    My French lessons start on Monday.
    2 hours per day 3 times a week plus writing/reading rest of the days.

    As you can see life here is not only dancing on roses!


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