after hell...

...this is paradise! 
Back in the hotel...
what's wrong - the Twin Center - those buildings are not standing straight?
or the horizon is too straight?

oh, yes!
I'm going to relax for an hour or two...
Our sun is strong and I'm not going to burn myself...

How's your life?


  1. Those towers are a bit weird -hope they won't crash.

    Have a nice time and try to relax!

  2. So much fun! I am happy you get to be on vacation! Have a great time!

  3. I'm so glad you're outta there. I too have noticed that the camera will tilt buildings (and trees) toward the center. Sometimes it's kinda cool and other times it's disconcerting. It's all good here and from the looks of it, all good back at the hotel. Best of luck on the next apartment. The rooftop pool looks divine. Enjoy!

  4. Its good to know there is a life after hell! Hell here is in the form of too much water EVERYWHERE! Nashville.

  5. Oh good;-) Hope you will find a decent flat after the hotel,but in the meantime,relax and enjoy!

  6. OH! I'm so glad you are out of the firetrap! I (and my back) know what a trial substandard rooms can be, but at least that's over. My son has a lens for architectural photography that corrects those building angles - something about fisheye effect. It's time for Arizona heat to kick in now, so I'll be thinking of you at the pool while I jump in here myself!


  7. Cute swimsuit! (lol) Those buildings look like they cut be pop ups in a book, all slightly leaning center.

  8. I hope you enjoyed the swim. So happy for you, lets hope everything will turn better now.
    Showed the pictures in your earlier posts to my husband (Moroccan) and his face went from disbelieved to disgust. Only he said: never seen that.

  9. Hi everybody!
    I'll be back here tomorrow. Our roller coaster is not over yet...

  10. Onnea pelastumisesta ja vielä enemmän onnea uuteen yrittämiseen!

  11. >>SUSU
    I agree they look weird but don't think they'll crash! :)

    oh. boy -I guess you didn't read my earlier post...I'm not on vacation..or can you say couple of hours 'a vacation'? :)

    Yes, I did swim and enjoyed a lot! And I needed to move myself...I love water as an element...
    I have to shoot more pics of the towers to see what happens if I change the angle etc. I let you know! :)

    I hope your hell is not as bad as it was!?

    That was yesterday - today I've been around the city looking for a new place...More later this aftenoon...

    I have only my own eyes - no fish eye! :) (Yes I know what you mean!)
    I had a good long swim yesterday - today it's cloudy and not very warm - time to blog for couple of hours!

    Thanks! That's what we need, luck!

    Oh, you like my bikini - home made! :) LOL!

    We've seen it all - good, not so good and bad. An this is not over yet. I'll keep you updated...

    Just oikea sana - pelastautuminen! Sita se oli.
    En tieda mita tuleman pitaa mutta nyt olen laittanut oman ISON kauhan soppaan ja aktivoin jengia toimimaan.
    Saas nahda kuinka kay...
    Aika rankkaa henkisesti mutta kaikella on tarkoituksensa, tallakin vaikkei haluaisi uskoa!

  12. Ei pöllömpi paikka relaxoitua - kelpaisi minullekin ;))

  13. Epistääääääääää!
    Vielä joku päivä mä pulahdan kans :)

  14. >>ELEGIA
    juu kylla voittaa kampanhakuprojektin kyballa!

    Nautin! Yhtakkia tuli vaan takatalvi - aamulla oli alle 20 - viilea yo jaahdyttaa taas ton altaan veden tosi kylmaksi.
    Mut kylla se kesa viela tulee - tanne ja sinne. Nythan teille on luvattu lampoaaltoa - ihanaa!

  15. Glad to see that you're feeling better!!

  16. Will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  17. >>TROTTER
    Feeling better yes but not found home yet.
    We've visit the same place 2-3 times because owners give their place to rent to several agencies and none have a list of addresses, nothing. Totally waste of time...

    Thanks - we need all the support, magic and luck now.
    As I wrote above we've wasted so much time visiting the same places many times because many agencies have the same place to rent...
    We'll see...


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