BLOGitse's Appartement Coming Soon > BACS part 1.

I have always this notebook with me.
Writing, drawing > visualizing helps me to remember...

Our photographs for the residences has been in the company's HR department over one month.
Yesterday we heard our photos are too big! 
They are normal EU size but here they want 
2,5cm x 2,5cm photos - over one month and now they tell us...

I like it when the paper starts looking used...
the notebook has had it's own life - with me! :)

Yesterday we heard that our moving stuff is in Barcelona!
Why? Do not ask me...

My favorite Pentel automatic pencil, 0.9, B leads...

I had to stop my French lessons because of the home hunting. 
I can't concentrate studying until our home problem is totally over 
and I have my daily life back...

SiroKKo :), a Finnish blogger in Algeria, 
gave me the post title, BACS! Thanks!
Just what I needed > waiting agency's call to visit the flat...
ooooh, how I hope everything is okay...


  1. Well,still good luck with the apartment hunting...

  2. I love this series of pictures and I feel the same way about my day book. It has all the things I think are important at the time. It becomes part of you, just like a pencil in your hand. We are all creatures of habit.

    When you can finally get into your flat, you can start arranging things in your mind and begin your new life. This is so exciting.

  3. Good luck, of course. I like your weathered notebook. I would like to read it!!! I like your mechanical pencil too, although I am more of an ultra-fine point pen person!

  4. Maybe your stuff wanted to see Gaudi.

  5. I like your handwriting. It looks open and generous just I imagine you are! Good luck on the apartment search. It's always kinda fun but kind of a drag. I can't imagine which on such foreign soil. Very imaginative photography!

    Keep your thumbs up - I'm going to the apartment at 11 - I do hope everything goes well...
    Now it's breakfast time! Bye!

    Pitakaa peukut pystyssa - menen klo 11 tapaamaan vuokraisantaa - toivottavasti kaikki menee hyvin...
    Nyt lahden aamiaiselle, tsau!

  7. Heh, thanks, en tiennytkään että minulla on haaraliike Marokossa. Muistikirjasi on aivan ihana, minulla on sen sukulaissielu aina kassissani, pitäisi kai tehdä sillekin muistokirjoitus blogiin, on sen arvoinen.

  8. >>YAELIAN

    You're right - starting my life again! I can't wait...
    But I have my notebook - it's full of dates, names... :)

    My pens are fine or ultra fine but pencils I like to be thick and soft...easier to get strong, dark lines easily if necessary! :)
    Reading my notebook? There's nothing interesting for outsiders...I have my own funny language and sign system... :)

    LOL! even if this is not fun...Why the hell they send all our stuff to Barcelona? They should be here 25th...and then the customs...argh! I don't have summer clothes with me...shoes...everything packed, and now sailing around the world!

    I'm starting...slowly though, to believe that this time the owner is as good as he's been so far. I really like him. But. To be sure that everything goes as planned - I don't say no more before end of this week....
    My handwriting is messy and always different. Depends what kind of pen/pencil I have, my feeling etc.
    But normally I need a lot of space to write! :)

    Kaikea sita oppii kun on vuorovaikutuksessa ihmisten kanssa ympari maailman! :)
    odotan muistikirjasi julkaisua...siis sen mita siita haluat nayttaa!

  9. I LOVE notebooks. Yours looks great.

    Sun muistikirjassa on tunnelmaa :)

    Heh, Sirokko :)

  10. Hello BLOGitse!

    Greetings from Malaysia again! Just want to say thank you for dropping by my blog on my SITS day. You can read the aftermath of my whole day SITting episode at this link:

    Thank you again and hope to see you back here sometime! :D

    Warmest Regards,
    Jenny aka I'm a full-time mummy

  11. >>RITA
    I have a lot of notebooks, papers filled with feeling, lived life...
    Puhdas muistikirja on steriili. Vasta kun siihen tulee kulumia ja paksuutta se ikaan kuin elaa...omaa elamaansa! :)

    I really, really liked your article you wrote against allowing little girls to imitate and look like hookers! What do their parents think?! Nothing I guess!
    Yes, I'll be back! :)

  12. I'm having a hell of a time leaving a comment.
    The Site keeps loading and doesn't load.
    This is the second try :(

    I tried to say:

    Never a boring day with you, huh? :)
    Hope all goes well with the apartment and your stuff!
    Best wishes from hot Sinai!

  13. Hope it goes as planned with your apartment hunting.

    Cool photo essay on your notebook and mechanical pencil.

  14. Precious book! I manage one or two per year, and nerver remember anything anymore :)


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