Casablanca Morocco downtown...

...where we had a long walk on Sunday...
I took tons of pictures, here are a few of them...

Boys playing football...

Newspapers, books, pens...
and a helpful young boy who helped my husband to find a lock to our door...

These are cool! right?

At the moment no customers but there are many public telephones around the city and I've seen people to use them a lot.
Mobile calls in Morocco are expensive!

I posted about the football fans here. For me these paintings look like masks or uniforms for war not for sports...Is that serious here?

Football heroes...


Right...There's a tunnel, can you see it? 
That's the way to the airport where I'm heading on Wednesday...


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed studying these pictures!!

  2. Left, right ... gauche, droite ... How is your French going? :-)

  3. Kas, noita oviverhomaalauksia meillä ei olekaan vielä keksitty... Oletko lähdössä Suomeen! Hyvää matkaa!

  4. Nice to see a bit of Casablanca!

  5. wow, quite different and interesting...
    where are you headed through that tunnel to the airport?


  6. >> MYTHO
    thanks! :)
    I'm so happy you have time and interest to comment my posts...

    Oh, don't ask! My French is still bonjour! merci!
    I haven't had energy to study because of our home hunting...
    I'll start again after my trip to Finland...

    Juu menen rintavuositarkastukseen...
    Toivottavasti kaikki on ok...


    Different yes...and interesting! :)
    I have my 'one year after surgery' breast cancer check up...
    I hope everything is okay...

  7. I love seeing pictures from halfway across the world! (from SITS) :)

  8. Those portraits sure are cool. I like their writing too. Great that you are enjoying what looks like beautiful weather, sunny skies, and taking to the streets to show street life from so distant a land. Seems graffiti is a universal phenomenon. It's like saying, I'm Here!

  9. Loved the pics of Casa. It's always fun looking over your shoulder!

    Happy travels tomorrow. I hope Finland has lots of spring flowers blooming to welcome you home.

    Don't forget to pack your red stilettos!

  10. >>LYNN
    Thanks for your visit & comment!

    You're welcome! :)

    I think those faces are really well painted...
    Here mainly men sit in cafes - women are at home cooking, cleaning...or at the hairdresser or hammam gossiping with other women... :)

    I was wondering what was wrong with my shoulder - it's you! LOL! :)
    It's much cooler in Finland right now but it's welcome because in our home it's +26 and no wind nor fan...
    Red stilettos - in your dreams!
    I pack these
    NOKIA footwear
    Yes, the same NOKIA where the mobile story began several years ago...

  11. WOW, thank you for sharing!!

  12. Those painted faces are very cool.

  13. Interesting shots.
    Love the paintings :)

    you're welcome... :)


    We all seem to like the paintings! :)



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