the first night...

...in hell!

Please, don't ask me how I feel...
I've been up since 4:18 am. Now it's 6:15 am.
'A gang' of men were partying upstairs and I couldn't sleep...Then the mosque near by, then a truck...and so on...
Ah, what's this picture about...it's a shelf, it was burning - why? There's a lamp. It was the wood where the smoke came from, I think...Please. Don't ask me details. I'm totally...argh! 
Now I try to go to sleep for an hour or so...
I hope you have/had a better night!


  1. Sorry you had a fitful sleep. Hope you managed to have a couple of undisturbed hours. Glad you spotted the smoke - spells danger!

  2. Huh, ei kiva. Toivottavasti saat nukuttua!

  3. Vähemmästäkin käämit kärähtää.. Repairing sleep, that's what you need.

  4. Hi everyone!
    We're going to move out from this place asap.
    Too many things are wrong. Total flop.
    I guess we have to stay here until we've find a new place...argh!

    I slept 2 more hours and my husband was late from work...Not the best start for a new week...

    You said it! Nightmare!

    Sain nukuttua muutaman tunnin ja mies tietty nukkui pommiin...Otan torkut iltapaivalla tai ainakin levytan itseni vaaka-asentoon tv:n eteen...
    Ei hyva alku viikolle...

    jep. Mies on jo ilmoittanut ettemme jaa tahan.
    Katsotaan mita seuraavaksi tapahtuu...

  5. >>SCRIBER
    yes I did and I'm going to have a nap later in the afternoon...

  6. To answer your last question: YES!

    I wish you a nice siesta!

  7. Voi että,olen pahoillani! Toivottavasti löytyy pian parempi paikka.....

  8. Oh my goodness. Sounds absolutely dreadful. It's the worst thing not to be able to get a good night sleep. I'm so sorry but at least you can get out from under all that ruckus. Next move, be sure to stop by at night and check out what's going on in the neighborhood, just in case. I'm sure you'll find your oasis!

  9. OoooH...not good! Things are rough here too...major floods...sleeping on the couch because of rain in the bedroom! Ouch! Let's hope things get better fast!

  10. Oh, sori SIROKKO - jait valista vastaamastta.
    No vastaankin samalla kaikille suomalaisille yhdessa, myos YAELIANille:
    tanaan saamme tietaa jaammeko vai lahdemmeko takaisin Suomeen.
    Mieheni on niin kypsa ettei jaksa enaa tata pelleilya.
    Ja mina. Olen kuunnellut puoli paivaa huonekalujen siirtelya. Vetamista ja tyontamista. Kirsk, kirsk. Korkokengilla kopsuttelelua. Jonkun paikan hakkaamista. Rappukaytavassa huutelua. Ovien paiskomista, slam, slam.

    I envy you!
    This place sucks and I want OUT of here asap!

    Let's see what happens.
    Today we want to know. A new place or we go back to Finland.
    We thought it was bad and difficult in Egypt. No! It's been worse here. argh!
    I hope tomorrow is a better day...

    I'm sorry about the floods and a rainy bedroom! Not good!
    Here it's not raining in our bedroom but otherwise this place is far too restless to live in.
    You know the sound when pushing a table/chair instead of lifting it. I've been listening that kind of sound half of the day today! People are slamming the doors, shouting...this is terrible!

  11. Hi eveyone!
    We're out of this place tomorrow!
    Back to the hotel!
    Now we're packing...................

  12. Hi Blogitse!
    Bad move... Back to hotel and to home search... Stay cool and check everything before moving in... Remember: You're in Morocco!! ;)

    What about Ephesus? Blogtrotter Two has it... ;) Enjoy and have a great week, in the circumstances!!

  13. No jestas sentààn, mità meinikià. Tulee mieleeni jotkut Keuruun kotini naapurit! Yhden pelastin kerran klo 4.00 tukehtumasta savuun, kun kutsuin paikalle poliisin ja palokunnan. Samalla pelastin koko talon! Mies muutti muualle. Toivottavasti saatte (t)yòrauhan.


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