Khadija Chamrouk 9 years...

...needs our help!
I saw this poster in our hotel lobby
My regular readers know that I'm trying to learn French.
Sauver > save 
une vie > a life
but whose life and why?
I spoke with Dr. Hasnaa Azmi and treasurer Tazi Samir from Amicale...

This translation is by google from the original French article by Aujourd'hui Le Maroc:

"Friendship Association of Sport and Recreation organizes Sunday, May 9 in Casablanca "a race to save a life." This initiative, which joined the association "Planet Baby Mama" aims to save the little Khadija Chamrouk aged 9, suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. "This requires a leukemia stem cell allograft abroad, an operation that is not yet feasible in Morocco," reads a medical certificate from his doctor, Professor Said Benchekroun, chief of hematology and pediatric oncology at the hospital on August 20 Since March 2008, Khadija was followed by Dr. Zoubir Chouffal Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Casablanca. "A decline of 12 months from diagnosis, there has been an isolated bone marrow relapse (central nervous system saved) leukemia. Currently, the child is under treatment for relapse, if a second remission was obtained only with an intensive therapeutic allogeneic bone marrow transplant offers hope the best chance of cure, "said a medical certificate from Dr. Chouffal dated February 11, 2010.
The parents of the girl struggling for several months so it can have the best care: chemotherapy, hospital stays, intensive care. However, the survival of the girl depends on the registry, the cost is exorbitant. "It takes two million dirhams for the graft (six months of hospitalization for the mother and daughter and one month for the donor)," says Dr. ALM Hasnaa Azmi, president of the Association of Friendly Sports and Recreation He added that "Khadija monitoring sessions of chemotherapy for 22 months."

2 million dirhams = approximately 181.000 euros / 232.000 USD

Khadija Chamrouk, 9 years
What a brave, beautiful young lady she is...

Any suggestions how to collect donations globally and quickly?

If you know people in Casa please tell them about this event!

if you're an expat here - please join the event, it's only 100 MAD!


  1. Hi everyone!
    "On Thursday I'm out of the office from 9-12 am and 3-5 pm. But please, leave many many comments which I'll approve when back in the office. Have a great day! :)"

  2. Here we have many children with that same condition and there have been big campaings to raise money to save them.Because the treatment costs loads of money. Some had a whole page ad in papers and some were lucky to be filmed for the news,and after that the money came pouring in from people who wanted to help.If a newspaper would donate a page for that,it could help a lot.Hopefully Khadija will also get the help she needs.

  3. I just bought a ticket for 100 MAD. I'm not running but want to support this event...

    Any expats going to run on Sunday?

    We all know there're too many children suffering all over the globe and one person can not do much to help.
    But I try this way because this is my community at the moment...
    I support also Save the Children organization > my yearly donation goes to catastrophe fund.

  4. This is sad to think about. I hope she can be helped. Here in Tennessee, the floods have left 1000s homeless. Its all a bit overwhelming.

  5. >>MYTHO
    I did NOT no the situation is that bad in Tennesee!
    I just found a video here
    Tennessee floods on Kimberly's blog...
    I'm so sorry...
    Too much sorrow on our planet right now...

  6. Change always begins with YOU... ME... each of us as individuals.

    Bravo Blogitse... every little bit helps.


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