susie's big adventure: MTV True Life Video

Is this true or not? Some Saudis say this is not true...
Isn't this real life? 
For these young people it's true life...


  1. I've been thinking religion a lot. What I don't understand is, if there were all those different Gods people believe in on this planet WHY other people get position to behave like Gods themselves? Priests, religion polices are just human beings like you or me, not Gods.
    If religion is something between you and your God why do we need other people to tell us how and when to pray, what to wear? If there are good Gods I'm sure they see us naked or wearing abaya or scarf or trousers.
    Why any God would care if fabric on human being is black, green, orange, with stripes or blobs.
    Isn't it more important what kind of people we are?
    Do we lie or hit old people...how we treat those who are weak and sick...

    Every day humans are destroying our planet. Where's the 'planet police' for them?
    Every day people die because we think this religion is better than that. We are all the same. We love, laugh and cry. Why man made religions make so much damage in our life?

  2. I tried to watch the video but gave up because of the annoyingly mixed soundtrack that resulted in the music drowning out the commentary/ dialog. I think that historically, religion went from being a useful form of social organization and shared ethics, values....to a form of social control, suppression and domination. Most wars are religious wars. Conquest of one country by another typically included destroying the defeated country's gods. We have, over time, gone from polytheism to monotheism, and now, the remaining monotheistic religions compete and war as though to determine whose god is the real god...or in other words, who will control and dominate the world. That's my take on it.

  3. Why do they bother to display that huge array of fabrics if women aren't allowed to wear them? Apparently, they are to put the black over top of the color? Somehow, that seems kind of ridiculous...

    I agree with mythopolis that in the end it boils down to control and power. It always does.

    This is so stupid and sad.
    Control and power - we've discussed that before - and we will in a future too!
    Thanks for your comments!

    Now it's Friday afternoon here in Casa and I'm going to publish this week's WO*IMA....

  5. "I think that historically, religion went from being a useful form of social organization and shared ethics, values....to a form of social control, suppression and domination."
    Mythopolis - you are so right. I am so turned off by religion, especially since moving to Saudi Arabia. Please try again to watch the video - It is well worth the time. Maybe the background music was from my blog? I haven't noticed being bothered by background music, so I think that might be it. You can mute the music on my blog by clicking on the speaker icon under the volume control slide on the right in the purple box underneath the header.
    Thanks, BLOGitse, for the plug. I totally agree with you about religion too!


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