where to eat...

...in Casablanca, Morocco...
One of our favorite restaurants in Casa is 
near our hotel.

Nordin smiling...

we sit at that first corner table...come and say Hi! if you see me there! :)

Hassan and Youness
These guys make you feel welcome!

Hassan, Youness and Simo
Simo knows how to make tiramisus...yummy!

In this restaurant you get good service with smile.
These guys rock!
ps. you get good (and dangerous) mojitos in District :)


  1. Mun veli sanois varmaan "siisti paikka".

  2. Your post makes me want to come to Casa!

  3. Looks like a nice place! I like the hand gestures of the guys!

  4. Aah, kuulostaa nami-nami-paikalta!

  5. Love, love, love the last shot with the rapper poses. How on earth do you get people to participate with such an enthusiasm in your fotos? I'm telling you it's a talent! Everyone runs away from me or gets pissed off.

  6. What's on the menu? Would love to see what's on offer. How do you select and what is your favorite?

    Those cute guys are full of themselves and having a good time. Fun pics. You'll have to bring a laptop if possible and show them they went international!

  7. Set a table for four next time... after the volcanic cloud goes away... ;))

  8. >>Allu
    Niin se onkin. Nuoria, innokkaita jotka haluavat tarjota tata paivaa ruuassa, sisustuksessa ja musassa...

    >>Susan Higgins
    You're most welcome! A holiday would be good for you...

    It is a modern and fully booked at the weekends...Those guys are cool!

    Joka suhteessa! :)

    >>Stickup Artist
    Hey, I'm crazy - it helps! :) and try to encourage people to relax, not posing for my camera but play a game with me...

    I sent a sms to the owner - I guess they know already! :)
    I can't remember the names because the menu is in French! Last time we had tenderloin steaks with asparaqus - yummy!

    Okay plus we know couple of more restaurants where to take you - you need to stay more than one evening here! :)

  9. Our home hunting continues today.
    I hope we could finally settle down and have our daily life back...
    Wish me luck!


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