blood, sweat but no tears plus Vodkamom: Some helpful hints from the teacher...

I love sharp, good knives.
Just couple of hours ago I used one of them to cut something...
This is very sharp...oh yes...

ooooops...I cut my finger instead! Not very deep,
looks worse than it was...
Any vampires over there? This is BLOGitse's blood, come and suck it! :)

Finally it's sunny and I'm sweating inside.
Too busy to go out today but tomorrow I want to sunbathe for an hour or so...

Are you on holiday?
Are you at work?

If you're a mother, father, caregiver please read this Vodkamom's post.
It's an important message from the teacher!


  1. Thank you, my friend. XXXXXX

  2. Are you sure you didn't cut your finger so as to attract vampires?

  3. Thanks for the link to Vodkamom...
    sorry about your finger, oh and AGH...not liking the site of it!
    I am the same way with my fingers...they always have cuts on them!


  4. EEEEW!
    Greetings from Lamb! Thank you for stopping by to show me some bloggy love. It was quite a shock to wake up and discover that I’d been featured on SITS, especially with my face covered in sticky cinnamon! Now I have lots of fun new blogs to explore. If you do try out my face mask, be sure to take a photo and email it to me. I’ll feature you in a post with a link to your blog :)

    LambAround’s latest post: My Awkward Family Photo

  5. Yikes! You really know how to make an injury look artistic, don't you? And yes, Vodka Mom is the funniest person on the Internet, in my humble opinion. We all need to take a page from her...

  6. >>VODKA MOM
    You're welcome. Your message is important! Raising kids is their parents/caregivers responsibility. Teachers add their own spice but are not the first adults to do the job.

    LOL! Me? I love vampires. I cut myself every day to feed those cute aliens...........

    I think her post is great and timing of it perfect!
    Sharp knives are my friends and dangerous enemies :)

    Oikeasti haava oli ihan pieni. Croppasin kuvaa niin etta sain naytelmasta dramaattisemman - kuvilla voi 'suurennella' pikku juttuja... :)

    I didn't try your face mask - I don't need to - I look like that every day! :)
    See you!

    >>MELISSA B.
    Cropping is sometimes useful method to get drama in life...
    I agree with you. Vodka Mom is funny and her message important!


  7. Ouch, hope it's healing well!

  8. Sorry about your finger but photos look wonderful..

  9. Hmmm not sure I'm ready for such a bloody post at this time of the morning. On the other hand, feeling sorta thirsty...fangs coming out...

    Nice pix.

  10. My knives are not that sharp but they sure make blood ooze!! LOL. VODKA MOM is great!

  11. Ouch! Sharp knives are great to use in the kitchen, but very dangerous. Glad you didn't lose a finger!
    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a fabulous week.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  12. >>NICOLE
    It's okay...a tiny scar soon gone...

    Only a small scar but I made it look bigger :)
    How's your flue? Hope you're feeling better!

    Did you get enough? :)
    Thanks for your visit!

    Sharp ones make better scars... oooops.
    VM rocks!

    It wasn't that close...it's good to have action here - we don't have babies in the house :)

  13. I learnt some proverbs about Finns and knives, but I'd better not repeat them here! :-)

  14. >>PETER
    Why not? I'd like to see them written by you! :)


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