The Gulf of Finland...

...is beautiful!
Here's a link you can see what's the weather like right now.

If you sail straight ahead you'll end up till Estonia.

Today I've been shopping salami, bacon,
brown filter bags (200/packet) for our coffee maker
(in Casa I found only Melitta bags, white, only 40/packet - very expensive!) and kitchen wear...
Our suitcases will be heavy...

How's your life? holiday plans?


  1. How beautiful!

    Popping over from SITS

  2. It's 83F here, heading for 105F. Yesterday it was 111F. I love the heat - but that blue water looks really attractive!

  3. Have fun in Finland - perästä tullaan!

  4. Hope you are having good times. The gulf of Finland looks much nicer than what the gulf of Mexico looks like now. Quite sad.

  5. Yes it is beautiful,and very soon I shall enjoy it as well...

  6. Beautiful! I am loving the pics. No big plans this weekend...I am having a yard sale. Not fun. But I need to purge all this baby gear!
    Happy travels!

  7. Very nice...I hope you are having fun!
    And heavy bags are my specialty if you need any advice ;)


  8. >>KNIT1KIDS4
    Nice to see you here! Thanks for leaving a comment! :)

    I could take couple degrees here - it's very beautiful but right now a little bit too cold for me...
    But this is excellent weather for shopping - I'v bought shoes, clothes, salami, bacon...

    Thanks - welcome! Best time of the year, nature is so beautiful right now...

    It's really sad! I do hope it can be cleaned as much as possible...but it looks like mission impossible...but we must hope!

    So many Finnish bloggers here at the same time. We should have a drink together!?

    Good luck!
    I don't have that much time for blog hopping - I promise to be better when back at home...

    You're moving but where? I can't wait to know!
    Shoes, salami and bacon are heavy. Most of the clothes are light...but I haven't bought jeans yes... :)

  9. Gorgeous photo! I'd like to jump right in. :)
    Thanks for stopping by and linking up the other day. I'm playing catch up this weekend. Have a good one!

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  10. One of my aupair friends is from Finland. She keeps trying to get me to go...I've gotta get there while it's still bright for the entire day! And these pictures definitely help the urge!
    Stopping by from SITS.

  11. >>KRISTI
    I'm not quite sure how to play that game but when back in Casa I'll jump into it and learn more!
    I like the idea and will play along again!

    It is bright! even if the sun is hiding! :)
    This is the best time of the year here. Everything is fresh. More and more local vegetables, berries etc. to eat and they are tasty! Welcome!


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