a living Moroccan legend - Nass el Ghiwan...

...last Friday we went to a restaurant where we had not been before. What a surprise - live Moroccan music!
The place was packed. People clapped, danced, sang...wow, that was a cool experience!
I got permission to take photos...

sorry but I had to use flash because it was really dark...
I did NOT understand that Nass el Ghiwan is that BIG legend 
even if people told me...until I checked youtube...

you can find many videos on youtube - one from 1979 is very interesting...

I fly to Helsinki today...
Next couple of weeks I'm going to blog from there...


  1. That's an interesting mural behind the musicians. Have a nice time in Helsinki!

  2. That is really amazing! How was the food?
    Travel safe!

  3. Hi BLOGitse,

    What a wonderful treat for you and us. I love the colorful background of the stage. How awesome they let you to take pictures! You did a great job in the dark room!

    Have a great flight and a good time in Helsinki.

    Happy Trails!

  4. Tervetuloa kotimaan kamaralle! Väriä löytyy täältä myös, tosin ei varmasti aivan noin uhkeaa.

  5. Mukavaa Suomen matkaa,kohta olen minäkin siellä!
    Hieno tuo maalaus seinällä ja musiikki oli varmaan hyvää,täälläkin voi kuulla marokkolaista musaa..

  6. how lucky! thanks for taking us along...

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  7. The colors made me think of reggae music instantly. I'm sure you're looking forward to being in Finland for a while. Enjoy. See you.

  8. He already looks like an interesting person.
    Great shots!


    The flights from Casa were interesting and really tiring but today I feel 'normal' (as normal as I can feel!).
    I don't have internet connection at home yet, now I'm at the most expensive cafe in the heart of the city - here is Wi-Fi - not too common which was a surprise. Surprise because Nokia was once strong and otherwise we have very good internet connections but Wi-Fi is something what has to be improved!
    I have a modem with me and try to install it today - let's see what happens...my husband takes care about these sort of things normally bus he's still in Casa - wish me luck!
    If no luck I'll post WO*IMA tomorrow...

    Take care and have a great day!

  10. Nice pics. Am sure the music must have been awesome.
    Have a safe flight :)

  11. >>SHAS
    It was a great evening! Flights were safe! :)


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