The Real Blogger Status: Gadgets Can't Be Saved With Blank Title

Did you know this?
I didn't and thought you'd like to know too...


  1. Oh, my dear BLOGitse. I have no idea what you are talking about. I am so old school, but I figured out how to do e-mail, and to blog. And that is just about it. I haven't a clue about gadgets. Gadgets are these things you have all about your house. Some of them work, some seem, just a reminder of the past. I have no clue about on-line gadgetry. My most complicated gadget these day, is my dog! She is definitely a gadget. Or maybe, as it seems lately, I am hers.

  2. >>MYTHO
    My friend, you or Life might be gadgets :) but also all those 'extras' like twitter follow me or + google in the sidebar are gadgets. As you see I have "tweet, tweet" as a title for follow me gadget...
    I didn't know that 'code' what you can write to have blank title - now I know!
    Don't worry. It's enough you blog! :)


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