school's out and an image question...updated!

...yesterday I heard noise outside. It was so loud I had to go out and see what was going on...
aaaah, they were reading the results...
where they've been accepted to study after school!
traffic was in chaos for a while...
'Give me five!" These guys look happy! :)
Where do you think this photo was taken?
What is it? 

Do you remember this song? :) Enjoy while you guess what's in a picture...

I thought that image was easy to guess...
here's the original picture
was it that difficult?


  1. I have no idea where it was taken. The people sure look happy.

  2. Kuvasta ei ole tietoakaan, mutta ihmisten ilon kyllà huomaa. Mihinkàs lukuja mennààn jatkamaan, yliopistoon vai???

  3. Welcome back. I'm so happy your check-up went well.It's fun to see kids from around the world acting the same when school is out. The red and black look painted on an object that's blown up. Can't tell, but wish I could.

  4. Is the photo of a street lamp at night? Or the light in the eye of a fly? A UFO? Ok, I'm out of ideas......what is it?

  5. It's always good when school's out :)
    Understandable that they look happy :)

    Cheers from hot Sinai!
    Have fun unpacking!

  6. Alice Cooper-vinyylilevy!

  7. Maybe that was too difficult...?

  8. In the car? Total guess. Thanks for linking up.

    alicia @ a beautiful mess

  9. I knew that all l all along!!! I just was pretending that I didn't.

  10. >>LEPIS
    No ei ihan ollut tulppaani :) Punainen hamasi ilmeisesti...

    >>JDANIEL4's MOM
    Maybe this was too difficult to guess - in aeroplane :)
    There were a lot of happy kids, parents...

    Kuva taisi olla liian vaikea...no leikkia tama vain on! :)
    Jatko-opiskelemaan mennaan yliopistoihin tai muihin opinahjoihin.

    Nice to see you here!
    It's been very quiet around here because of the holidays - parents not driving their kids to school or kids not driving their motorbikes...Less noise is nice but strange! :)

    You knew the lamp! How cool you are...
    It's only fair you didn't told the correct answer immediately!

    Hahah, unpacking is not fun.
    That's why I spend far too much time here... :)

    Vinyyliapa hyvinkin! Tata tuli tuutista joskus enemmankin...

    Almost in the car! Well done! :)

  11. Stopped by from SITS. Schools out is the same ritual all over the world. :)

  12. >>LIZZIE
    Thanks for your visit!
    I tried to visit your blog - your link is broken!
    I sent you an email...

  13. Wow! Traffic is crazy. Great shots. I love seeing what you're up to in Casa.
    Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud


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