smoked rainbow trout...

Last Saturday I visited my friend's summer house. We ate smoked rainbow trout, new potatoes, butter...oooh, everything was so gooooood!

Nights are bright and air is clean...and it's quiet...
If you want to relax - come to Finland! :)


  1. Rainbow trout is so good, made every way, especially smoked! You had a treat!

  2. Oh it looks delicious! And the view looks indeed like a place to relax and enjoy - I guess this is the best time of the year for a visit?
    Have fun!

  3. Sounds like a little slice of heaven...

  4. Sounds quite yummy to me. I would love to see Finland one day!

  5. Nam nam, rakastan savustettua kalaa ja erityisesti kirjolohta ja muikkuja!!! Kohta paasen taas maistelemaan!!!

  6. Nyt tuli kyllä nälkä!

  7. You're makin me want to plan a trip to Finland. Might not be in the budget just yet though. Happy WW! Drop by and link up.

  8. Vesi herahti kielelle! Olen siis parantumaan päin ;)

  9. You bought shoes?! Stilettos? Red?
    You need to kick up your heels when you finish cleaning in Casa. It's like silk undies - good for the soul. ;)

    The trout looks yummy. I'm sure the company was wonderful too. Thanks for the pics.

  10. >>SUSU
    The other day I bought Norwegian salmon and made sushi a la BLOGitse - ate it raw like sashimi, that was gooood!

    Yes, the best time of the year! Only minus is that lakes are too cold to swim but it's fine, this time I have other things to do :)

    Right but you don't realize it when you live here...That's why it's good to be abroad for a while - when you come back or visit here you appreciate many things...for example> you can drink tap water! It's good and so easy! In Casa we drink bottled water...

    We organize that one day!!! You'll visit here - I can be your tourist guide!
    Sam could or should have gig here! why not?!

    Milloin sina tulet?
    Pitaisko jarjestaa bloggaajatreffit kun aika moni suomalainen on tai tulee tanne? Me lahdemme takaisin ensi viikon lopulla...

    Maybe I should organize blogger meeting here - so many people are interested, next year perhaps...
    I'll be more active in WW when back at home in Casablanca. I didn't realize there were so many players - no chance to play actively now - we're on holiday! :)

    Hienoa! Ihme tauti tuollainen epamaarainen mutta toivottavasti laakkeet puree ja kohta olet kokonaan tervehtynyt!

    Oh Linda no! stilettos, red - NO! I bought shoes I can WALK with in Casa! Unfortunately I'm too practical... :)

  11. One of my fave fish and smoked is great - you present is so well so my mouth is watering! but then again, I'm from Norway :-)

  12. Mina tulen vasta kuun vaihteessa :(.

  13. >>RENNY
    I've eaten SO much Norwegian salmon - in Casa that's the only salmon we eat, yummy!!!

    I'm sure you and your family would love it here in Finland for a couple of weeks holiday...

    Sina tulet kun me lahdemme...toivottavasti saat suosii! Viime paivat on ollut tosi kylma ja sateista.
    Kaipaan jo Casan aurinkoa...

  14. It looks so great! Hope that you are having a fabulous time back in Finland! Thanks for stopping by my blog on SITS Pot Luck Friday!


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