Dard Ghalaf/Mers Sultan/Mc Do in Casablanca, Morocco

Weekend #26 photos I shot in Dard Ghalaf/Mers Sultan/Mc Do 
Mc Do comes from McDonald's!

Now, let's go! Jalla, jalla!

You find everything here!

A lot of people...

I almost went nuts here...

Need a chair or safety box?

Or a new chandelier? No? How about...


Thank you!

What do you think about this Moroccan talent...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy 4th of July!

Unknown Mami


  1. The market seems so full of all kinds of everything. It would be fun to walk through it!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up for our Friday Blog Hop! I'm am following you back!! Also I have a ton of great giveaways going on right now! :)

    Kim @ Chubby Cheeks Thinks

  3. I'd go nuts there also!

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Have a nice weekend! Loved the photos, especially the chairs :) Good stuff. I thought it was a barber shop...

  5. Wow theres so much looks fun! Hello I am now following you! And glad I found you! I would looove a follow back ;) And come by and link up for Playdates Friday Follow! Stash Mama

  6. That looks like one cool mix of Kuwaiti and Korean markets.
    Love how that tea guy just sells his stuff from there :)

  7. I would love to go there and just walk the streets and observe the culture. Of course I'd enjoy doing that just about any country. I like to people watch and try new foods. I"m following you from blog hop friday. Stop by when you get a chance: www.luvsavingmoney.info

  8. I'm not sure I'm the person to ask about linking up because this is not my meme, but you may want to ask Gigi of Kludgymom. She's on the list too at the top. Love the photo of the nuts. Have a great weekend.

  9. Your photos are always so evocative! I ADORE local markets, they reveal so much of a culture!

  10. It is always fun to see how people from different parts of the world live. I would love to walk through the market place.

    Stopping by from SITS & Mississippi!

  11. He is really talented. I just wish he followed the music with his fantastic steps so they are in sync. The markets are great too. I could smell the food.

  12. Wow! Amazing post!! Great way to spend the Sunday... ;))
    Have a great weekend!!

  13. how lucky are you? I would go shopping crazy if I were there! Awesome photos! Thanks for visiting my blog. Have an awesome weekend!

  14. That looks like a fantastic market - I want to go there! :D

  15. I'd love to go shopping there.

  16. As always a lovely sequence of photos. love that market it looks fantastic

  17. Great place to be and a really fun post.

  18. What an exciting place of colour and life! And heaps of interesting shadow shapes everywhere!

  19. Twice, on transatlantic cruises, I've stopped in Tangier. The market was wonderful I especially loved the spices! The sights and smells were amazing and the tea we had was so special. Of course, the exoticness of our surroundings made it all so much more exciting!

  20. There is so much gorgeous colour in this set of photos. A wonderful and lively post!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  21. Kiitokset kommentistasi sivullani!
    Ei voi yksitoikkoisuudesta moittia näkymiäsi, en taitaisi enää oppia elämään siellä, parin viikon visiitti olisi ok :)
    Nyt istun mökin kuistilla ja katselen järvelle lämpömittarin lukemien noustessa koko ajan - alkavalle viikolle luvassa 26 - 30 Suomeen, siis hyvät mökki ilmat.

    Good beginning week to you - buy plenty of nuts ;)

  22. Very nice collection of shots. Love the variety.

  23. OK, I was very happy to have my quiet American country Sunday until I saw this...I want to go to your market today!

  24. Love the chair shots! Looks like a market where stories are happening everywhere. Thank you for sharing.

  25. I would enjoy visiting a market like that. So much to see, and do.

  26. I almost fainted seeing all those dry fruits!! That's one interesting market place!!!

  27. >>MYTHO
    It really is full of everything! Whatever you need you get it there... :)

    This was my first time and really didn't know how to play but hopefully next time goes better!

    LOL! We were there about an hour and that was enough. Too much...everything! :)
    Hope you've had a nice weekend too!

    They sold barber shop chairs etc.! True! What you need you get it there! :)

    I did but I guess I didn't do really well - maybe better next week!

    There are a zillion guys who work hard to earn their bread as shoe shine boys/men, selling fresh fruits, vegetables, valet boys/men etc.

    Virtual traveling is great too! By visiting many new blogs I've learned a lot of new things and met many great bloggers - thanks to blog hopping! :)

    I asked Gigi - everything is clearer now...I wish I had more comments from all those 33 blogs I left a comment...Maybe next time. And if not this might be a wrong meme to try to connect with other bloggers...we'll see. It’s been very quiet this weekend because of the holidays...Thanks for your comment.

    You're right!
    Markets here are totally different what we have in Finland for example.
    But we have places where you can buy recycled furniture etc.

    I agree. Open eyes and mind and we learn a lot. Maybe mostly of ourselves...

    I wonder how many hours he's practiced!
    That place really had a feeling of its own...

    Lucky me! :) At the end we didn't buy anything because we didn't find what we were looking for. And you really need somebody with you who speaks Arabic if you want to negotiate about the prices...

    Thanks! We've been unpacking, cleaning, driving around, swimming...busy weekend! :)

    Come, come and take you there! :)

    You too, come and I take you there! :)

    Thanks! That market is unique!

    Thanks! :)

    You can't avoid shadows there! That place is worth to visit!

    I guess the feeling and smell was the same in this market.
    Of course every market has its own atmosphere...

    Lively post and lively weekend! We've been busy trying to do something at home and be outside because the sun was shining first time for a long time!

    Ei taalla kaikkea kestakaan. Meille riitti tunti tuolla markkinahumussa.
    Tama on niin valtava kaupunki, etta tutkittavaa riittaisi varmaan vuosiksi vaikka joka paiva.
    Taalla oli pitkaan pilvista mutta lamminta. Viikonloppu on ollut aurinkoinen mika on ollut tosi mukavaa!
    Kosteusprosentti vaan pyorii 80 kieppeilla ja vaatteet liimaantuu kiinni jos yrittaa jotain puuhastella. Suihku on ollut kaytossa tiheaan! :)


    I visited your site but I didn't realize that there are two of you and posted a comment also to the other blog! :)
    Thanks for your visit!

    Stories...we noticed how one young boy was running like an arrow. After a moment an older man came shouting at him...I guess young one stole something and elder one was running after him...

    >>TARA R.
    So much to see, you're right! :)

    But you didn't! That's good. It would've been a long way to come and help you! :)

    Have a great week ahead!

  28. What a wonderful open air market! I'd go nuts for the nuts too!! The Michael Jackson wanna-be...not so much. hehe. Happy SSS to you.

  29. What a fantastic market!! I always love the food sections the most because you can try fruits and vegetables and other items that you might not see in your own country. Since moving to the netherlands I find myself searching out new things to try.
    Happy 4th of July:)

  30. What a fun, colorful place! Have a great week!

  31. a maze of shadows and colors....nice

  32. I love your pictures! And the talent hmmmm makes me smile here. Thanks for sharing!

    Shadow Shot Sunday

  33. Oh, I just love this! It is so interesting to see how people live. I want to shop there.

  34. >>CASSIE
    Quite a mix - market and MJ wanna-be, side by side. But so true here...

    You're right. Here in Casa it's easy and cheap to buy fruits and vegetables but very expensive in Finland.

    Colorful - for all senses! that's true! :)

    Thanks! :)

    Let's smile together! :)

    But this post is nothing to compare to your story, oh man!
    What a lady you are! :)

  35. Thanks for stopping by and following from the Blog Hop. I am now following you!

  36. I really enjoy seeing everyone's city! very cool trip!

  37. This is the kind of place I love to roam around in searing for treasures and foods. You just never know what you'll find. Thanks for the tour.


  38. I would go nuts at this market too! Thanks for the visit.

  39. >>KADY
    See you on Friday! :)

    Thanks for your visit!

    That's true - you never know what you'll find! :)

    It was interesting to visit but too many people and shops too close to each others...but it was worth to visit!

  40. Jalla, jalla... = ) ja menoksi.
    Aurinkoisia päiviä!!!

  41. >>TARU
    just niin...ja mentiin! :)
    Kesa jatkukoon!


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